Safe-O-Kid is a brand of Baby Safety Inc, a research-based organization committed to make world a safer place for kids. Baby Safety Inc has dedicated itself to study of changing landscape of hazards that surround our kids and accordingly test new solutions to safeguard our children from these prevailing risks. Our professionals have dedicated years of their life to child safety research and this is the result of their hard work that Baby Safety Inc has been able to regularly launch and update a comprehensive array of products under its brand Safe-o-Kid covering all possible aspects of a kid’s life and associated dangers.

Safe-o-Kid range of products are designed to safeguard your child from all possible accidental risks at home as well as outside and while travelling. In addition, Safe-o-kid also has developed handful products that can help reduce the health and medical related conditions and risks for your babies.

All Safe-o-kid brand of products adhere to simple four point agenda

  • It must ensure safety from the given threat
  • It must be easy to use and install
  • It should not interfere with a child's tender activities and usual growth
  • It should be elegantly designed and visually appealing

Further, Baby Safety Inc over years has realized that most parents believe the outside world is too dangerous for their child, whether it's the traffic on the road or any unsocial being, they are too quick to judge that the child is safe at home. But most of them are mistaken in this thought because children face threats every day within the four walls of home and this is where most accident for babies and kids happen. Children are blessed with a curious mind and as they grow they discover their surroundings through their eyes, hands or what not. Little do they know that this curiosity may lead them to serious accidents and as parents that are the last thing you would want for your child. And with the busy life that we have nowadays, the danger has only increased as it has become difficult to keep a check on everything the child does.

And this is the precise reason that in addition to products that let your child explore world around them safely, Baby Safety Inc also organizes regular workshops for parents on various topics related to Child Safety and Emergency Handling. These workshops are conducted in partnership with child clinics, hospitals, play schools, etc

Our Vision:

The vision of Baby Safety Inc is to ensure that no child in this world below 8 years of age should suffer injuries or life threatening situations that could have been avoided with just some tiny steps. Accidents don’t not have happen.

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