Baby bottle feeder: Choosing the best one

The biggest concern as a parent you have for your children is their health. The health of your child becomes even more important if he is an infant. It is because your kid cannot tell you what he is feeling. Thus, you need to take care of nutrition of your child, and ensure he never remains hungry and grows happily. Baby bottle feeder is one such way to ensure complete nutrition of your child.

Using this, as a mother you don’t need to worry about the various constraints you face in breastfeeding your child. You can feed your child anywhere and anytime you want. You can also keep the track of daily nutrition intake of your infant. However, for best results you need to choose the baby bottle feeder that suits your infant best. This article deals exactly with this.

So read complete, and find the ways to select best feeding bottle for your baby.

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How to choose the best baby bottle feeder for infants?

After deciding to bottle feed your infant, next choice you need to make is, choosing the best feeding bottle. However, the feeding bottle itself comprises of two important things, nipple and the bottle material. Thus, you should mainly focus on types of nipples and types of bottle container available to buy.

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Selecting the baby bottle feeder on basis of Nipples

Customize your search with given below factors. Following points tell about the types of nipples available to buy:

  • Material –

Silicon and latex are the only two materials that can be used to make nipples of the bottle. Thus, you need to select one, either the silicon made nipples or latex made.

Talking about the difference, silicon nipples are firmer and thus retain their shape for much longer time. Hence, if your baby is little old you can buy him the silicon nipple feeding bottle.

On the other hand, latex nipples baby bottle feeder are softer and very flexible thus suitable for newly born babies who don’t have teeth. But the disadvantage is they don’t last for long duration. Check our range of silicon nipple bottle here.

  • Shape –

The feeding bottles nipples are available in different shapes. It can be traditional nipples of bell shape or the orthodontic nipples which are one side flat with bulge on other side. Orthodontic nipples are easier for the babies to grip as it rests on kids tongue easily. If you want your kid to have breastfeeding feeling, then go for wide nipples bottle. These bottles are bigger in size when compared to other bottles.

  • Disposable Nipples –

Widely used during travelling time, they are for one time use. You don’t need to sterilize them, as they are already so. Just fit it in the baby bottle feeder, and feed your infant. Make sure you discard it after feeding the child. Don’t ever think to use it again, as they are use and throw nipples.

  • Size of Nipples –

It an extremely important factor to consider when buying feeding bottle for your baby. Thus, before buying baby bottle feeder, note baby’s age and amount of flow you think will best for baby. Easiest way to find the best nipple will be to consider the stage of nipple.

The lowest stage represents the smallest nipple, suitable for new born infant. With size of nipple increases the flow amount of milk. As your baby grows in age, shift to increasing size nipples.

Selecting the baby bottle feeder on basis of bottle material

Now you are clear with how to choose the nipples for your baby. It’s time to focus on different types of bottle available in the market, and which will suit best to your infant. Following points describe the types of bottle you can pick while buying feeding bottle:

  • Plastic baby bottle feeder:

Cheapest among all the bottle types, these are the most commonly available baby bottle feeder in the market. The reason for their so much popularity is sturdy body. They are durable when compared to other bottles. However, BPA present in plastic bottles make the parents concern about health issues that may follow. Further, using plastic bottles, you will need to replace it more frequently in comparison to glass bottles.

  • Glass feeding bottles:

Glass bottles solve all the limitations that plastic feeder bottles possess. However, since glass is fragile, thus chances of chipping and breaking of glass bottles are higher when compared to plastic. But not to worry, you can cover glass baby bottle feeder with silicon covers to stop this. The advantages glass bottles offer you are, cleaning is easy, also there is no residue left after cleaning the bottle.

  • Disposable feeding bottles:

These bottles offer you advantage of liners present in them. Once you use them, you can dispose the liners after feeding your baby. But, the limitation they carry is, you need to have a stock of liner with you during travel. Do note these liners are expensive to buy. They offer you ease in cleaning them, further you don’t need to sterilize them. Thus they are best option while travelling.

  • BPA free bottles:

When buying plastic bottles is your only wish, then you must select BPA free bottles. These bottles are opaque in appearance and cover all the limitations of normal plastic bottles. Using BPA free baby bottle feeder, you prevent you child from exposure of harmful toxins. Check our BPA free bottle here.

  • Sterilizer feeder bottles:

Unlike other feeding bottles, sterilizer bottles don’t need separate sterilizers for them. You can easily sterilize them by heating in microwave. However, you will find them little expensive to buy. Further, they heat more than any other types of bottles.

  • Angular feeder bottles:

Unlike most of the bottles that carry cylindrical shape, these bottles have a bent of 45degree at their neck. Their design, allows the milk to accumulate at nipple. Thus, there is no air in milk flow, and hence it avoids creation of gas and colic.

  • Anti-colic feeder bottles:

As stated above, colic is the result of air mixing with the flow of milk. It causes toxicity and pungent smell in milk, and baby feels irritation in drinking milk. Anti-colic baby feeder bottle, have such design that reduces mixing of air. It has straw for milk flow and makes it easier for baby to drink less colic milk. They are expensive to buy, difficult to clean, but very worthy if you wish true health of your infant.

Where to buy best baby bottle feeder?

As parents the choices you make for your infant affects his future. Thus, it is important you invest in quality health products for your child. It will ensure your child grows with best nutrition and remains healthy forever. But with forged products in market, it is difficult to believe which baby bottle feeder is best for your infant. Thus, you need to believe someone who himself is a parent and understands your concern. We at Safe-o-kids, offer you exactly the same solution.

We are parent focused company that is run by parent themselves. Before sending the product you choose, we carry numerous strict quality checks. Hence, your baby receives the best baby bottle feeder. Read more about our products here.




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