5 Best Baby Bathing Products for a Happy Bathing Time

If you are a mother, bathing a newborn baby and maintaining proper hygiene should be your priority. Bathing a newborn is a time-consuming and nerve-wracking experience. Most of the time, even babes don’t like to bathe. It gets really important for mothers to choose best baby bathing products formed of natural ingredients and gentle formulas. By choosing the right newborn baby bath products, you can make a complete bath set for your baby.

Babies are delicate and thus they get irritated skin very easily. Thus keep the following points in mind while buying new products for baby bath sets:

  • Make sure that baby wash & shampoo products have a tear-free formula and organic ingredients to avoid itchy skin.
  • Mothers should look out for 100 percent natural products as they keep the baby’s skin hydrated.
  • Products that have toxin-free and plant-based ingredients are helpful in a baby’s growth.
  • If you want to add fragrances, make sure that the product has 100 percent organic and safe ingredients.
  • You may use gentle cleansing products that are colorant and mineral oil-free.

Therefore, it gets imperative to check the ingredient list before choosing every product for your baby bathing kit. Also, you must not use adult shampoo or baby lotion with synthetic fragrances on babies.

You must also be confused about which baby bathing products to choose and how to prepare a baby toiletries box. A mother should always choose the best baby bathing products available in India. Well, do not worry as we have got you covered. Today, we will share the five best baby bathing products to ensure a happy bathing routine for the apple of your eye.

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Best Baby Bathing Products in India

  1. Baby Bath Seat Support Net

    Baby Bath seat Supports are innovative and useful products for ensuring safety during bath. As babies are small and slippery, it gets really difficult and risky to bathe them. A bath seat support helps to hold the baby in the bathtub without the risk of slipping out.

Factors to Consider while Buying a Bath Seat Support Net

  • The safety support net is made up of environmentally friendly and cotton material making it safe for the baby’s sensitive skin.
  • As babies do not like baths, bath seat support nets are handy as they make the bathing routine comfortable.
  • Moreover, choose an adjustable baby safety support network that is convenient to use. This is because adjustable support nets can accommodate various bathtub sizes.

Thus baby bath support nets are best baby bathing products in India as they enable both babies and parents to enjoy bath time. You can also check out the best Baby Bath Seat Support Net as this is one of the best baby bath products in India.

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  1. Eye Safety-Shampoo Hats

Even if you are using a natural baby shampoo, the chances of eye infection are always high especially for infants and toddlers. This is why you need a safety hat that will protect your baby’s eyes from chemicals in shampoos. An eye-safety shampoo hat is one of the best baby bath products in India. Such hats eliminate the risk of harmful chemicals getting into the baby’s eye.

Factors to Consider while Buying Eye-Safety Shampoo Hat

  • While you buy an eye safety shampoo hat, make sure that it is made up of eco-friendly and high-quality silicon.
  • Also, the hat must have a soft texture, so that the infant’s sensitive skin will not get rashes from its usage.

You can also check this best eye safety shampoo hat in In India.

  1. Baby Bath Tub

    While you are making a baby bathing kit, the first thing that you need is a bathtub. This is one of the most important yet basic baby bathing products that you must have in your baby bath set. Accurate size and non-slippery bathtubs make bathing easier as well as enjoyable.

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Factors to Consider When Investing In a Best Baby Bathtub

Types of Bath Tubs

First of all, understand all the types of bathtubs available in the market. There are inflatable bathtubs, standard bathtubs, foldable, and standing bathtubs. Along with choosing the design and type according to your needs, also check that the size is suitable for your infant or kid.


Nowadays, the trend is shifting towards deeper tubs with enhanced depth. Such bathtubs ensure the safety of your baby by considerably diminishing the chances of them sliding over. However, the only disadvantage of deep bathtubs is that parents have to bend over to reach the baby. Bathtubs with a circular design tend to be more comfortable for babies and make them feel secure.


You should also consider the safety of your newborn baby while buying the best baby bathtub. While buying a hard plastic bathtub, make sure that there are no sharp ends. Also, make sure that you buy a sturdy and non-slippery bathtub that not only provides support but also prevents slippage. Some bathtubs can recline up to 45 degrees ensuring that the infant or baby stays in a safe and comfortable position.

Water Level

You should make sure that the bathtub has a water line mark to prevent it from overfilling and a central column to avoid slippage. You can choose bathtubs with a bit higher level for larger babies or young kids.

Drain Plug

Make sure that the bathtub has a drain plug at bottom of the bathtub it makes the emptying easier and quick. No one wants to lift the bathtub every single time for draining the water after a bath. To ease out the draining process, you should buy a bathtub that has a drain plug.

Material Quality

Baby bathtubs should be made up of high-quality PVC making them toxin-free. Further, the bathtub should be free from BPA (Bis-Phosphoric Acid) and has a smooth texture to prevent your baby’s smooth skin from acne and rashes.

Convenience and life-span

The bathtub should be convenient to clean and carry while traveling. There are so many inflatable bathtubs available that are easy to travel with. However, if you want a durable bathtub with a long life span, then go for sturdy ones instead of an inflatable bathtub. Many bathtubs come with a side pocket for holding baby shampoo, baby soap, baby towel, bath towel, and other miscellaneous bath supplies.

If you have less space or you travel often, Safe-O-Kids Inflatable Bath Tub is one of the best bathtubs in India with many special features. And if you want a long-lasting, strong bathtub, then you can check Safe-O-Kid Premium Digital Bath Tub.

    4. Thermometer

You may wonder about the importance of a thermometer for a safe bath. Let us explain it in detail. Infants and toddlers are highly sensitive to changes in temperature as their immunity is still at a building stage. It gets important to check the temperature of the bath water before bathing your kid. Thus, a thermometer is required frequently to ensure that the room and warm water temperature are optimum.

  • Make sure that the thermometer is of good quality and provides accurate temperature measurements.
  • You can look out for a thermometer that comes in kid-friendly styles and has a non-toxic material. If you are a new mother, then you should buy a thermometer for prevent baby’s delicate skin from extremely warm water.

       5. Hair Washing Cup

As discussed earlier, hygiene and cleansing play an important role in maintaining health especially for babies. It is important that the baby wash & shampoo have a tear-free formula. A hair washing cup is a fun and great product to add to your baby bathing kit to ensure a cleansing hair wash and keep their hair soft.

  • Make sure that the hair washing cup is of 100% BPA-free and non-toxic material.
  • Also, the washing cup should be convenient for pouring water to rinse so that water goes straight through the kid’s hair without reaching the eyes.

You can check out this best hair washing cup that comes in three fun colors and has a convenient water filling procedure. All these five products are perfect fit to add to your baby bath set for making your baby’s bath time fun.

Check Out Safe-O-Kid for Best Baby Bathing Products

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