5 Best Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby in India (With Prices)

Have your close relative or friend just given birth to a baby? Or someone close to you is having a baby shower? If yes, you must be thinking of some meaningful and unique gift ideas for the newborn baby. We will provide you with a list of practical and unique newborn baby gift ideas that both mother and baby will enjoy the most. Also, this gift items list goes beyond cliché feeding bottles and nappy bags. Let us explore other newborn baby gift ideas for baby showers or the birth of a newborn.

Top 5 Best Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies and New Moms

A Complete Bathing Kit

Maintaining a newborn baby’s hygiene is the priority for mothers. So, a showering kit makes the best newborn baby gift idea, and it makes the showering time much more fun, safe, and convenient for newborn babies. You can find a good quality bathing kit in India for newborn babies in the price range of INR 2000-3000.

A Good Quality Baby Stroller/Baby Buggy

Baby Prams or Strollers Make Parenting Much More Easier and Fun

Strollers are godsend items for new parents and newborn babies. Gifting a premium quality baby stroller makes it so much more convenient for the mother to take the newborn outdoors while running errands. Apart from convenience, strollers are excellent gift options to enhance quality outdoor time for newborn babies. You can find the best quality baby strollers in India under INR 5000.

Learn more about benefits and price ranges of baby strollers in India in this article

Bed Safety Rail Guards

Bed Rail Guards Ensure Baby’s Safety While Sleeping

Newborn babies spend a lot of their time on beds until they start to crawl. Therefore, parents are always worried about the possibility of their newborn baby falling from the bed while playing or in sleep. You can eliminate this issue and increase baby safety ten times by gifting rail guards for beds. Bed rail guards in India range between INR 1500-3000. Make sure the rail guard is of good quality and comes with easy installation features.

A Baby Monitor

Have you ever thought about what your child is doing while you are on the job?

Worry not, Baby monitors are perfect gift options for a baby’s birth and baby shower, especially if the parents are working. Once the maternity leave expires and the mother starts going to work, baby monitors are the best rescues to help them to keep an eye on their toddler. Believe us; a baby monitor is the best gifting option, and the parents will thank you every time they use it.

 A Convertible Baby Crib

Convertible Cribs are perfect for naps and playing, definitely innovative gift ideas

Today, 2-in-1 baby cribs are available in the market that forms perfect gift options for baby showers and newborn babies. These convertible cribs can be used as napping cribs as well as playards making them more fun. You can find quality cribs for babies in India under INR 3000. Make sure you buy cribs that incorporate mosquito nets to avoid mosquito bites and wheels for easy mobility.

Get Ready to Welcome Your Baby With These Newborn Baby Essentials

Gift Option For Newborn BabiesEstimate Cost in IndiaThings to Keep in Mind While Buying a Gift for Newborn Baby
A Complete Bathing Kit: Prioritize Hygiene and fun showersINR 2000-3000
  • A sturdy and travel-friendly bathtub
  • Adjustable and buckled Bath seat support net to avoid slipping

  • Make sure the bathtub is spacious and can be used for the upcoming 2-3 years

  • Shampoo hats to avoid eye infection from chemicals
  • A thermometer to ensure optimum water temperature
  • Make sure no items have sharp edges

  • Baby Prams/Baby StrollersINR 4000-5000
  • Prioritize the stroller’s quality, make sure it is not made of flimsy material
  • Have pockets to put newborn baby essentials
  • Suitable for tough roads and have a seat recline option
  • Strollers with extendable canopy are best for safety
  • Soft cushioned seat for baby’s convenience and right posture

  • Spacious footrest for toddler
  • Bed Safety Rail GuardsINR 1500-3000
  • Babies have sharp nails; make sure the rail guards are good quality and tear-free in nature
  • Considerable height to eliminate chances of jumping or falling while leaning

  • Footrest space for toddler
  • Make sure the rail guards are breathable
  • Convenient to install and remove

  • Baby Monitors 
  • Baby Monitors that come with lullabies are the best option
  • Make sure that the volume is adjustable

  • Good quality for ensuring long-time functioning
  • Prefer wireless monitors as the baby might get stuck in the wires.
  • 2-in-1 Convertible Cot: Perfect for playtime and napsINR 3000-4000
  • Good Quality material with proper ventilation and visibility
  • Mosquito Net and canopy
  • Travel friendly, make sure the crib has wheels Pockets to put diapers, stuff toys, etc.
  • Comfortable mattress and enough bed space

  • Top 5 Best Gift Options for Newborn Babies

    These are the most thoughtful and affordable gift options for a newborn baby because:

    • You can ensure a comfortable lifestyle and safety of baby by giving any of these gifts
    • Life of new moms can become convenient, especially by using strollers, bed rail guards, and baby monitor
    • These newborn baby gift items are affordable and suit everyone’s pocket.

    Become a Smart Parent and Ensure Your Child’s Safety. Learn How

    Do You Give a Gift When a Baby is Born?

    It is always best to bring a meaningful gift for when a baby is born. Instead of giving extravagant gifts, stick to practical gifts that the parents use a lot. Huge-sized stuffed toys are neither practical nor convenient gift options. Instead, consider giving a good quality baby pram or safety locks that will ensure baby’s safety and parents’ convenience.

    How Long After a Baby is Born Can You Send a Gift?

    After a baby is born, it is best to gift within three weeks of birth. This is because most of the practical gift options need to be used from the first few weeks themselves. So, make sure your gift the first time you visit their home after baby’s birth.

    How to Find the Best Gift for a Newborn Baby?

    Ask the parents. Call them up and ask them what they need the most that will make their life a little more comfortable. But if you want it to be a surprise, think about the most practical option that the newborn will be using every day.

    Parents Need You, Give Them Safe-o-kids

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