5 Preventive Measures to Take When Baby Starts Walking

One of the best rewarding memories of a parent’s life is watching their baby grow. Before you realize, they will grow to a mature adult. However, during their growing age, care must be taken to provide them with a safe and healthy environment. It becomes even more crucial the moment your baby starts walking. Lots of things need to be kept in mind to ensure your baby safety as babies are always very curious when they start crawling and walking.

These are the few major things you should care about when your baby starts walking:

Ensure no Sharp Edges:

 Sharp edges made of glass, metal, wood including tables, chairs, beds, drawer etc. in our homes are very dangerous and may harm kids if not handled with proper care. Babies in this age act like a small tornado and are unaware of such dangers. Also, at this age kids do not judge the distance between them and objects accurately due to a lack of spatial awareness. If left unattended then may hurt themselves with sharp edge objects. There are many products (premium corner cushions) available in the market that will ensure complete corner cushions for your kid’s safety.

 Avoid Wet & Slippery Floors:

 Always make sure that your home’s floor is clean and dry before allowing your little one to wander around. Also, ensure that you are using baby-friendly cleaning fluids so that your kid does not feel any irritation and discomfort. As babies’ sense of balance is very elementary, a minor wet on the floor make them slip. However, these minor falls are part of their development but it is always good to safeguard them.

 Cover Power Sockets:

 If you have toddlers in your home do make sure that there are no exposed or unattended electricity sockets. Children are always very curious about their surroundings. They do not understand electricity and its related dangers. Many times they find socket holes attractive and try to put their fingers or objects inside them.

 Watch what they are putting in their mouths:

 A growing child always develops a habit of putting things in their mouth. Kids are very quick while putting things in their mouth. A little distraction of yours allows them to put the first thing they find in their mouth. However, the things may vary from insects to dirt, so always be attentive to the things they are putting in their mouth.

 Protect them from Mosquitoes & other insects:

As we all know that we live in a subtropical country where mosquitoes are a real threat. Many deadly diseases such as Malaria, Zika, Chikangunya, Dengue etc. can be caused due to them. You should use Safe-O-Kid’s mosquito repellent for babies to prevent your kids from such diseases.  Anti-mosquito sprays, anti-mosquito patches, anti-mosquito bands, and anti-mosquito are some of the best Safe-O-Kids’ mosquito repellent for babies. These products are safest ways to protect your little ones from mosquito bites both inside and outside the home. Moreover, these mosquito repellent for babies are 100% natural and have zero side effects. The products constitute 6 natural compositions which are citronella, rosemary, lavender, geranium, mint, and clove blended in appropriate proportion.

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