8 essential tips to safety proof your home for the baby

If you are expecting a new family member, your home must be safe for the baby. There are numerous dangers in the home surroundings that we tend to ignore but can cause serious injuries to newborns and toddlers. So this article is a complete guide to safety proof your house easily. We will also share best products for baby safety to make your little one’s childhood happy and safe.

Safety gates and railings to keep them off-limits

Safety gates are important to separate the baby from the pets and other dangers. They are excellent tools to keep the baby away from dangerous areas such as stairs, hallways, and doorways. A safety gate is a crucial product that must be present to baby-proof your home. Make sure to buy easy-to-install and remove safety railings with one-hand dual-action open features. Nowadays, markets have pressure mount designs available in safety gates and railings that brilliantly serve the purpose. Moreover, make sure to choose an extendable safety gate that is flexible for various widths. Also, make sure that the railing is installed right and have a firm ground to check the strength. The gates and railings that are made of corrosion-resistant iron tend to be more durable and can be used for the long term. Plastic gates are generally flimsy and don’t last long. If your house has a staircase, a Y-shaped safety gate will be the best option for you due to its flexibility. Also, the safety railings must have rubber stands to prevent any injuries or scratches. Y-Clip bolts are used in safety gates like baby gates, stair gates, or dog gates to keep your toddler or pet safe these days.

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Alarms to provide timely warning

Installing safety alarms for ensuring home safety is a crucial part of the safety proofing process of your home. You need to ensure that your house has working smoke alarms, a carbon-monoxide detector, and a working fire extinguisher. Moreover, regularly keeps a check on the batteries of all alarms. Every member in the house needs to know the safety and escape procedure if an emergency arises.

Bed Rail Guards for a safe sleep

 Ensuring the safety of newborns at all times, even when they are sleeping is important. Newborns spend most of their time sleeping, so the bed is one such place that should be the focal center for preventing any mishaps. So, safety proofing of the newborn’s bed space is a crucial step that the baby needs. And here bed safety bed rail guards come into the picture. The baby safety bed guards are great products to ensure a night of safe and sound sleep for the newborn. One can install the rail guards all by themselves and do complete safety-proof the baby’s sleeping place.

Points to Consider to buy the Best Bed Rail Guards

  • When you purchase a bed rail guard, choose top quality and tear-proof options that baby can’t scratch or shred.
  • Second, buy a rail guard that has a washable fabric and that is easy to install.
  • Buy high enough rail guards that can prevent babies from falling and bear the weight of leaning babies.
  • Bed rail guards works great for ensuring a night of safe and calm sleep for your infant.

Pet Safety Fence

If you have dogs at home, then it can get really tough to ensure the baby’s safety without a safety fence. A quality pet safety fence form a barrier preventing the pets from having access to a specific area of the house. Thus, pet safety gates are the enclosures to make your doorway, hallways, and staircase safe for the toddler and pet.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Pet Safety Fence

  • The pet safety fence should be durable, strong, and sturdy that can endure the pets’ claws without getting damaged.
  • Choose an easy-to-install and movable fence to use wherever and whenever required. Easy to install and removable fences are best as you can simply pull the fence to any required width according to the requirement. Also, such fences save space as they are retractable.

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Child Walking Harness Safety Belt

When babies start walking, they need support to learn the process. This is why a harness safety belt is an excellent option that ensures the baby’s safety during the learning but also provides the support to babies. A good quality child walking harness safety belt will aid your little one’s efforts of learning to crawl and walk. Also, these harness belts build the toddler’s ability to stand and eventually walk. The baby will eventually learn to maintain the balance and walk more confidently. On the other side, the belt ensures comfort and prevents backaches due to continuous bending to support the child.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Child Walking Harness Safety Belt

  • Choose a safety harness that is comfortable and does not limit the space available for the toddler’s movement. Also, ensure that the harness is not tugging the arms of the baby.
  • Second, the harness must have adjustable straps and safety buckles to decrease backaches from bending over. The adjustable straps are great as they allow to use the belt even when the baby gets a bit old while learning to walk.
  • The safety harness should be breathable with strong air permeable fabric so that the baby does not feel strangled.
  • A quality walking harness belt enables your little one to walk naturally without any risk of falls and injuries that makes it one of the most desired newborn baby essentials.

Baby Bath Seat Support Net

Baby Bath seat Supports are innovative and useful products for ensuring safety during bath. As babies are small and slippery, it gets really difficult and risky to bathe them. A bath seat support helps to hold the baby in the bathtub without the risk of slipping out.

Factors to Consider while Buying a Bath Seat Support Net

  • The safety support net is made up of environmentally friendly and cotton material making it safe for the baby’s sensitive skin.
  • As babies do not like baths, bath seat support nets are handy as they make the bathing routine comfortable.
  • Moreover, choose an adjustable baby safety support network that is convenient to use. This is because adjustable support nets can accommodate various bathtub sizes.

Thus baby bath support nets are the best baby bathing products in India as they enable both babies and parents to enjoy bath time. You can also check out the best Baby Bath Seat Support Net as this is one of the best baby bath products in India.

Furniture Fix

The furniture guard covers to protect the baby from sharp edges of wood, metal, glass corners of furniture and décor items. Low ceilings, stairs, fittings, etc. pose a great danger of injury for the toddlers while playing. The furniture ends are usually sharp and can cause serious head injuries to the toddlers while playing. So, you must install furniture guards to safeguard the newborn. Make sure that the covers are cushiony and cover the sharp edges completely for complete protection. The covers should be able to bear high-impact collisions and have high adhesive power. Make sure to choose cushions that do not leave stain marks on the furniture as they may destroy the look of the furniture item. Needless to say, the furniture guards should be durable, resistant to fire and water, reusable, and easy to install.

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Drawer Finger Safety Lock

These safety locks are made to prevent injuries to baby’s hands while opening and closing the drawers. Drawer finger safety locks are affordable yet brilliant tools that keep your little one’s fingers safe when they try to pull or push the drawers. The finger safety locks for drawers create a blockage that prevents the drawer from shutting and harming the baby’s fingers. When the drawer is pulled, the top cover of the safety lock goes up and drops immediately preventing an accident.

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