All You Need to Know About Independent Eating in Little Ones

It is exciting to see how little babies grow older with each passing moment and even more exciting to see the new things that they learn or the skills that they develop. One of the most important things that children need to develop is motor skills and the ability to eat on their own. Being able to eat independently is not only beneficial for the little babies but also for the parents, who get to focus on teaching the kids other aspects of growing once they are able to do the small stuff on their own. While it is exhilarating for parents and children to develop new habits like eating on their own, it is not possible to achieve the feat overnight. Parents need to look for ways in which the practice can be inculcated into the child and this is something that parents can help the child develop with the help of accessories such as a fruit nibbler and feeder.

The fruit nibbler and feeder is a device that can hold a small piece of food such as soft fruit and can get the child to learn to nibble on it while holding the device. There are a lot of different benefits of the device that parents and babies can enjoy and these are reasons why the nibbler should be a must-have for a baby that is transitioning towards eating solid foods. Here is a list of reasons why parents swear by the nibbler and how it helps promote independent eating:

Gum Soother: One of the most important benefits of the fruit nibbler and feeder is that it helps the little baby chew on the soft yet sturdy outer portion of the nibbler, which is made out of food-grade silicone when you buy it from the right seller. This perforated silicon layer helps not only in feeding the child but also helps in soothing their gums which may be inflamed, irritated and sensitive due to teething. It is often observed that little people will pick things and put them into their little mouths, most commonly to help soothe their little gums. However, this habit of putting foreign objects into the mouth can turn out to be hazardous for the child, which is why it is important to give them an alternative like the nibbler, which will help comfort their gums and provide them with nutritious juices of fruits or other semi-solid food items.

Gross Motor Skill Development: As soon as children are born, they are looking for things to grab onto and hold. While newborn babies hold on to the fingers of parents and other adults, the older babies start holding on to fixed furniture and other larger stuff to start getting up on their feet. It is this need, to grab things, that helps children develop a knack for fine as well as gross motor skills. With the help of the fruit nibbler, babies can learn how to not just grasp and hold the object in their fist but also learn to move it towards their mouth and chew on it while they are holding it. This is an entire training bundled into a nibbler, which helps the child to learn how to hold things in a way that they can learn to eat. This is a learning that also helps the child in learning to grab a spoon and put it in the mouth to eat food. The use of the nibbling device can essentially be the first step towards independent eating.

Identifying Tastes: When your little bundle of joy finally starts to eat semi-solid and solid foods, it becomes even more exciting to make them try out new tastes and flavours. Not only is it fun to see their reactions to the food they eat but it is also heartening for parents to finally know the taste preferences of the baby as it grows into a toddler. The nibbler ensures that the baby learns to continue nibbling and eating the food that appeals to its taste buds.

Nutrition Fulfillment: With the help of the magical nibbler device, you can choose to provide nutrition to your little bundle of joy without even letting them know. All you have to do is place the fruits or other food items that you think are most nutritious for children and hand over the nibbler to your child for them to do the rest of the job. While the child learns to eat on their own and enjoys the taste of the food piece in the nibbler, their need for nutrition also gets fulfilled to a certain extent. Children can end up getting into the habit of eating healthy stuff when they are constantly given a taste of it, which can be a long-term solution for you because children tend to stray away from healthy foods as they grow older. Averting the trouble of raising a picky eater and hooking them up to nutritious food can be made possible with the help of the fruit nibbler and feeder.

Independent Eating: Finally, the biggest of the benefits of the fruit or food nibbler and feeder is that gradually the little ones learn to eat on their own. Children usually look for someone else to feed them especially when they are eating something that they do not want to eat. However, when independent eating is introduced early in life, they do not wait for you to feed them and start eating on their own. This a habit that will stick on even when they stop using the nibbling device and the transition happens quickly and without hassle, because they already know how to grip things like spoons due to their use of the nibbler, using its grip handle.

Children generally take very long to be able to eat on their own and it is natural for children to take time before they are able to eat independently but when parents want to introduce the importance of eating on their own, they need to employ innovative devices. The use of the nibbler device from a reliable and trustworthy seller proves to be a boon for parents that want to make sure that children move on to become independent feeders as they grow out of their toddler years. However, the key to a safe and healthy passage towards healthy eating is to buy the nibbler from a seller that provides the most quality-oriented products. When your child is supposed to put something in their mouth and nibble on it, you need to make sure that:

– The product is made from food-grade silicone so that it does not prove to be a harmful material for the babies when they constantly bite and chew on the nibbler even after prolonged use.

– The product parts that are openable remain snapped close and secure while the baby is using the nibbler. Any part that can come off the nibbler or can open up the nibbler can be a health and safety hazard for the little one. If the food comes out of the nibbler and gets consumed whole by the baby, the little one can choke on it, which is why it is important to make sure that you buy a nibbler from a seller that pays attention to the quality of the product and puts it through thorough checks.

– The finish of the product itself is smooth and cannot harm the fingers or the hands of the little one as it holds on to the nibbler. Any sharp edges of the plastic portion of the nibbler can prove to be unsafe for the hands of the baby.

When you are sure about all these security measures and check for the most viable seller, only then should you invest in the device that is set to open up the pathway for your child towards independent feeding.

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