Baby Bathtub: The Shopping Guide

Bathing your infant may be an incredibly stressful process. You’ll probably be concerned about things like unintentional drowning, water temperatures, and so forth. However, there is a simple solution to avoid common bathing mishaps: get a safe and convenient baby bathtub. Here’s what you should know before buying a baby tub to make the process easier.

Baby Bathtub Types:

Babies should not be bathed in your adult tub. It’s impossible to keep your baby afloat while kneeling over the sink, squirting shampoo onto your washcloth, and carefully washing his slick body. By the end of the ceremony, your back and knees will undoubtedly hurt! Most parents prefer a portable baby tub as a safer choice. There are six different varieties of infant baths available today.

Standard Tubs:  A simple, low-cost plastic tub is always a good choice. For younger babies, smaller ones are frequently placed in the sink, and many feature a contoured shape that allows them to sit in a slightly upright position. Because the cloth or mesh will keep your baby in place, several basic tubs also come with a removable baby bath sling. When your baby is old enough to sit up on her own, she can progress to a larger plastic bathtub that will fit in your adult tub.

Convertible: Convertible kid tubs feature changeable positions and are designed to grow with your baby. This means the tub can be used for newborns, infants, and toddlers.

Inflatable: These space-saving tubs may be deflated for storage and transportation. Many come with a suction cup or an attached hook to allow you to hang the tub to dry naturally. A disadvantage is that you’ll have to re-inflate before Baby’s next bath, which can be a pain.

Foldable: Foldable baby tubs collapse for simple storage in small spaces, making them ideal for parents who live in apartments, condos, or smaller homes. If you’re going to use a fold-up tub, make sure it’s solid and won’t leak.

Standing: These constructions have solid frames that raise Baby to your height. This means you won’t have to bend or squat to bathe your baby!

Baby Bathtub Features:

While extra features aren’t required, they can make bath time more enjoyable for both you and Baby. Take a look at some of our favourites below.

  • Many baby tubs have a color-changing drain plug or a sticker-like strip that changes colour when the water gets too hot. Digital temperature gauges are also available on some tubs. According to Lara McKenzie, Ph.D., a paediatric safety researcher at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Center for Injury Research and Policy in Columbus, Ohio, bath water should be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. She also suggests that you adjust your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit so that it never gets too hot.
  • Even if the tub has a thermometer, double-check Baby’s water temperature with your elbow or wrist to avoid burns. You can buy a temperature indicator separately if your tub does not come with one.
  • Smooth edges and an overhanging rim on a baby tub will make it easy to handle and less likely to scratch your infant. (Avoid moving the tub while your child is inside!)
  • To keep a soaped-up baby in place, select an infant bath tub with a non-skid surface. Just be careful with foam pillows because your infant might tear/bite a piece off and ingest it.
  • Fill the infant tub with two to four inches of water, according to many experts. To discourage overfilling, a raised or printed line around the inside of the tub—usually accompanied by the term “MAX”—serves as a guide.
  • The last thing you want to do after leaning over to bathe your infant is lift a heavy tub and drain it. Using a drain plug, you can quickly and easily remove the water..

Important Tips:

When picking a tub for your baby, keep these tips in mind.

A tub that is too large allows your baby to slide about more freely, increasing the risk of drowning. A too-small one, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable and difficult to clean. Are you undecided about which size to purchase? “With their infant baths, several manufacturers give weight or other size guidelines,” explains Dr. McKenzie.

Consider the essential cleaning process before purchasing a tub. For example, the more crevices in your bathtub, the longer it will take to sanitise (and the more likely you will miss a dirty spot!). To avoid mildew or mould formation, choose a tub that is simple to clean and dry.

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