How to Baby-proof your Home from Top to Bottom

It’s very easy for babies to get into trouble and turn-on the panic button of parents with each of their activities and behavior. No matter whether they are crawling, walking, trying to climb or taking a taste of the object placing adjacent to them everywhere there is a risk and thus it is important for parents to make their dwelling space baby-proof by eliminating or minimizing potential hazards. After all, baby safety always remains at the top of their priorities and much of their energy is consumed in ensuring safety for their little angels.

What if, you can baby-proof your home from top to bottom with some ready-made, safe and natural products that are meant exclusively keeping babies in mind? This will obviously be Great, as it will ward-off much of your worries and tensions and you can do your daily chores without bothering much about the safety of your babies.

With this article we have tried to highlight those steps and products which parents can include to make their home a safer place for babies and kids.power-outlets

Baby-proofing with corner cushions:

Your bedroom or drawing room could be the mostly used space by babies and thus every item needs to be put in such a way that can ensure safety for your babies. Your drawing room or bed room might have tables, computer-table, drawer and cabinets with sharp corner that could hurt your baby badly. Thus it is important for parents to make those corners smooth and elastic by putting caps or corner cushions that are meant to protect the delicate organs of babies. These Corner Cushions effectively cover the sharp edges while retaining its flexibility and softness for enhanced protection of babies.

Parents need to be cautious while buying corner cushions for babies and should buy products that are tested for high-impact collisions and do not come off easily. It could be great if these corner cushions are made-up of non-toxic, eco-friendly, odorless, dust-free materials and does not become sticky with prolonged use even in extremely hot weather.

Baby-proofing with child safety locks:

Vitamins or mineral supplements/tablets that you use to keep yourself fit might be tempting for kids as they appear mostly like a candy that they can give a taste. These vitamins or minerals should be put inside a drawer or cabinet that is beyond the reach of your little angels. You can even lock these cabinets with flexible, 2-side open short multi-purpose Child Safety Locks that prevents baby from emptying the contents of drawers/cabinets. Since, these child safety locks are multi-purpose you can use them to prevent baby fingers from getting caught in to drawers/ doors.

Baby proofing with mosquito repelling products:

Mosquitoes are one of the most notorious pesky creatures that can do immense harm to your lovely kids and thus it is important for parents to ward-off mosquitoes from their houses or dwelling spaces. These days there are plenty of mosquito repelling products available for kids that are ready-to-use, natural and DEET-Free. These repellents could either be mosquito repelling patches or bands that can simply be put into the clothes of your babies.

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