Baby Proofing: Where to Install and Important FAQs

Becoming a parent is a blessing cum responsibility too, as your actions will determine your baby’s future. Also, childhood is the most formative year in a child’s life. So, they want to explore everything that comes their way. Hence, a little negligence from your side could cause major injury to your baby. Thus, you need to take every precaution to ensure your child’s safety. One such precaution is having a baby-proofing kit in your house for the child’s safety. Thus, as soon as you become a parent or come to know about it, you must start thinking of installing it in your home.

With baby proofing kit, the formative years of your child become sweet memories for you. If you want to know more about baby proofing and your child’s safety, this article is the right place for you. Read till end and get to know all that you must know about it.

Places to install baby proofing kit

Before installing baby proofing kit, you must be aware of all the places which can possess probable threat to your baby. Once you are aware of these places, then only you can take best decisions for safety of your baby. Below are a few places where you should put more focus while installing baby proofing kit for your baby:

The nursery of your home:

Nursery is one the important component for children’s development where they learn major aspects. Thus, as a parent your focus and effort goes mostly into decorating and making it appealing for your baby. However, nursery also possesses some major threats that you must not ignore. You can baby proof the nursery by placing baby wipes, and diapers at height. It will protect your baby from reaching them.

You should also remove any furniture in the nursery away from the baby’s crib. Window locks are another important aspect that must be there to ensure the baby’s safety. It helps you to securely lock them when they are asleep in the room.

The kitchen of your home:

Your kitchen may have a blind or curtain that can possess some safety challenge for your baby. Thus, you can ensure the safety of your baby by installing safety tassels and cords. They help in securing all such blind spots. Ensure to keep all the sharp items which are not in use such as knives, away from the baby’s reach. Another aspect of baby proofing is to lock the drawers where dangerous appliances and tools are placed. You should also use socket locks so that the electrical socket remain close when not in use.

The living room of your home:

Baby proofing in living room of your house starts with hiding the electrical cords if any outside. You should mount the television in the living room on the wall. Further, ensure to put baby gates on the top and bottom of the staircase. It will prevent your baby from falling of the stairs accidentally. Sometimes, center table or some other furniture has sharp edges which can harm the baby. You can secure the baby from these edges by installing locks for sharp corners.

Baby proofing Frequently Asked Questions

Baby proofing is not a random term or to be taken less seriously. It is a synonym for ensuring a injury-free childhood for your baby. Thus everything that you have read, or will be reading ahead in this article is very important. However, if you still have any doubts regarding baby proofing, you can find your answers in this FAQ section of the article.

Reading the most common FAQs will increase your awareness about the baby proofing. Thus you will be able to take best decisions for your baby. They are as below:

Do I really need to do baby proofing of my home?

From the points you read above, it is evident that baby proofing is necessary for your child. However, up to what extent you want to baby proof is entirely your choice. Below you can find the most common products that parents use for baby proofing:

  • Door locks for the bathrooms, balconies, and exits
  • Installing cupboard locks for lower cabinets and drawers in kitchen
  • Safety gates for top and bottom of stairs
  • Covers for electrical outlets
  • Finger pinch guard to protect the fingers of your little ones from door joints. It also prohibits slamming of doors.
  • Providing soft cushions at sharp corners and edges

My baby is always in front of my eyes. Do I still need to have baby proofing in my home?

Small babies are on mission to explore everything around them. Thus, adult supervision sometimes may not be sufficient for your child. It is because you can also get busy sometimes that will take your eyes off from the baby. It is this moment which can harm the baby, but having baby proofing will protect him at such moments.

When to start baby proofing my home?

The major issues start when your child starts to have motion in the house. Crawling is the first stage where he learns to explore the house and meet with possible hazards. Thus, best time to do it is when your child is yet to learn crawling. It is still not too late, if he is has just started crawling. Baby proofing at any stage will ensure the safety only of your child along with aiding in his growth.

Further, if you are planning to go out on a holiday, then also you must have baby proof kit with you. It will ensure harmless holiday for your child at the destination where you go.

Where to buy the best baby proofing products?

Baby proofing products are the essential part of every home that has a child in it. However, what kind of baby proof products you want totally depends on you. It is because every home is different and need of every household depends accordingly. Hence, understand your house and then order the products that you need. Safe-O-Kids offer you every kind of baby proofing that your house can need.

Safe-O-Kid provides a number of baby proofing kits that are highly useful for the safety of your baby. The products we offer are not just of high quality and durability, they are also very budget friendly. To know more about us and our products click here.

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