Do you have crawling toddlers in your home? If yes then you must have seen their curiosity to explore the whole house. It helps them to grow well and adds to their learning, but it exposes them to dangers also. There are many dangerous places in the home that your child should not get access to. These places are bathrooms, kitchen, stairs both at top and bottom, doorways, pet house, fireplaces, etc. Thus, to protect them from reaching these places you need to install baby safety gates in your home.

But before buying the baby safety gates for your child, you need to study this buying guide. Reading this you will understand which baby gate will truly fit best for your toddler. So read till end.

A brief intro of Baby safety gates

Baby safety gates are the barriers to protect your babies from all the dangers that exist in your home. It cuts your toddlers access to these areas and safeguards his physical safety. It keeps your toddler away from injuries and risks present in your home. The risks that we are talking about are already mentioned in above paragraph.

Made of either, metal, plastic, or wood, baby safety gates also make you keep the toddler in room once they hit the bed. If your toddler wakes up, the side grills around the bed, will prevent him from falling down. But once your kid starts using toilets, instead of diapers at night then you can’t keep them within safety gates.

Two Important types of Gates You can buy for your child

You can buy the baby gate on the basis of how you can mount them between the doorways or walls of stairs. They are of two types, hardware mount and pressure mount. Let’s read both of them one by one:

Hardware Mount Gate:

When you buy hardware mount baby safety gates, you need to drill holes in walls or doorways where you are going to fix it. You can then use screws and fix the gate in the drilled holes. If you want to cut the access permanently for your toddler, this is the best option. These are best when you want to keep your toddler away from kitchen, or fireplaces, etc.

You must install them at top of your stairs as it fixes permanently between the stair walls. Thus, the risk that your child can push it and falls down on stairs is completely nil and no injuries takes place.

Pressure Mount Gate:

Pressure mount gates are extendable in width and are secured using the pressure by the two walls between which you are fixing it. They are much quicker and easier to install in comparison to hardware mount gates. In this, you don’t need to do any drilling, thus there will be no damage walls and doorways.

Since they don’t need any drilling, you can move them to different locations in your home as per requirement. But don’t use them at places where falling is a hazard, like stairs top. It is because they are not fixed permanently, and if your baby pushes it too hard, it will come out, and your baby will fall.

Few Benefits of Using Safety Gates in Your Home

  • With the use of baby safety gates, you keep your child safe without worrying for their safety.
  • Gates prevent your kid from accessing dangerous areas so you keep on doing your important work without thinking that your child will go to unwanted areas in your home.
  • With the use of these gates you create the safe play zones for your child in your home.
  • You can also limit the interaction of pets and baby using the gates. Thus, your pet cannot harm the toddler.

Who provides best baby safety gates?

Parenting your child is a blessing and responsibility both and every choice you make will have an impact on your child. Thus, you always need to make right choices for your baby for his safety and well-being. When it comes to buying baby safety gates for your child’s safetySafe-O-Kid is the best choice available for you. Here is why?

Run by the people who are themselves a parent, we work as a parent focused company.  We understand the issues of a parent for their infant and hence provide you the baby products that are healthy and safer for your baby. Before we dispatch it to you, we run multiple and strict quality checks on the product you buy. Thus, we ensure your baby receives best product in journey of his development. Read more about our baby safety gates products here.

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