Bathroom Safety Tips For Your Kid’s Protection

For everyone, bathing should be a pleasing experience. However, with kids in the home, parents should ensure to keep a constant eye on them. Now that your baby has started to bath, you should not leave him/her alone for a second in the room. Here’s what you can do to ensure the safety of your kids in the bathroom. In this article, we have listed down bathroom safety tips for your kid’s protection.

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Bathroom Safety Tips For Your Kid’s Protection

  • Do not Leave Your Kid alone – Kids can drown in the few inches of the water. So, make sure that you are never living them alone in the bathroom. While bathing your kid, make sure that you are giving all your attention to the kid. And during that time, if someone calls you or your cell phone rings, make sure to wrap your kid in a towel and carry him/her with you. Don’t leave your kid unattended in the running water.
  • Drain out excess water – Kids love to play with water. After you have bathed your kid, make sure to mop the floor. This will drain the excess water present on the surface of the floor. A little water on the floor makes the surface slippers and chances are that you kid may slip on the surface and injury himself/herself. This is one of the things you should take care of after you have bathed your kid.
  • Use a baby gate – It is a natural instinct in the kids to explore the places when adults are not watching. The same goes for bathroom. When adults are not watching, the kids have the instinct to visit bathroom. To ensure that your kid is not rushing to the bathroom when you are not near him/her, you can use a baby gate near toilet door, thereby, ensuring the safety of your baby.
  • Use covers on faucets – Kids are high-spirited, always ready to jump to play with water. The use of the steel faucet in the bathroom can lead to accidents. Your kid may hit her/her head on the steel faucet. You can use cushioned cover in its place which will minimize the injury and ensure the safety of your kid.
  • Unplug electric appliances – If you are using electric appliances in the bathroom, make sure to unplug them and store them in a safe place when they are not in use. Doing this will ensure that your kids won’t reach out for those electric appliances which could have resulted in electrical injury. When you leave them plugged in, your kid will reach out for these devices. So, it is better to store those appliances in place where you kids can’t reach out to these devices.
  • Store all the medicines and toiletries in cabinet – Make sure to keep all the medicines in a container with caps. Along with that make sure to store them in a place away from your kid so you kid does not have access to them. The same goes for the cosmetic products. Keep them stored in a hard-to-reach place from children with safety locks.
  • Check the water temperature – Check the temperature of the water. Make sure that it does not exceed 120 degrees F otherwise it will lead to scalding. While checking water make sure that it does not feel hot. Instead, it should feel warm.

So, these were some of the bathroom safety tips for your kid’s protection. Keeping this thing in mind will ensure that your kid will have fun and a pleasant experience.

Additional Baby Safety Tips in Bathroom

  • Make sure to never leave your baby unattended in the bathroom even when he/she is not bathing.
  • Always baby proof the floor and cabinets.
  • After the bath, make sure to dry out the floor and drain excess water on the surface of the floor.
  • Maintain the level of the water between 2 to 3 inches in the bathtub.
  • Carry all the essentials in one time so you don’t have to leave bathroom to pick another one that is left.
  • Make sure to put toilet lid down.
  • Use anti-skid strip to reduce the risk of slipping on the floor.
  • Don’t lock the bathroom when your kid is inside the bathroom. Also, make sure that the door can be opened from outside as well as inside.


Most of the accidents happen in the bathroom. So, the key to prevent accidents in bathroom is supervision. The only way to ensure that your kid is safe in the bathroom is by keeping all the objects away from his hands. Be it electrical appliances or cosmetic products, they should be stored in a cabinet away from kid’s eyes.

Kids don’t know what they are and what they mean but adults do. So, make sure to follow the above bathroom safety tips for your kids.

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