Best Mosquito Repellent Spray for Kids

Best Mosquito Repellent Spray for Kids: Mosquitoes are known for being the carriers of many diseases, and this is why you need the best and most effective mosquito repellent spray for kids. However, even the best sprays will never help that much once it is not applied properly.

Best Mosquito Repellent Spray For Kids

Here are some useful tips on how to effectively and safely use best mosquito repellent sprays.

Apply Some Sunscreen First

Apply sunscreen first if you will be out in the sun. Allow it to absorb properly into the skin before spraying the repellent. If you will have to use more sunscreen later on, there’s no need to reapply the spray unless you are already being bothered by mosquitoes.

Avoid Spraying Under Your Clothes

Although you can avoid mosquito bites if you wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts, it is still a must to spray the repellent on your clothes for added protection. However, avoid spraying this under your clothes. Aside from being unnecessary, it can even increase risks.

Don’t Use It Too Much

Mosquitoes tend to be aggressive biters, particularly Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that are mainly responsible for the spread of Zika virus. These mosquitoes could find and bite exposed skin sections even if it is as tiny as a dime. Thus, you have to ensure that every inch is covered.

Shake the spray’s container then spray evenly on clothes and uncovered skin from around 4 to 8 inches away as indicated on the instruction. But, just make sure you don’t go overuse when doing it. As far as mosquito repellent spray for kids is concerned, more is not always better. Even a thin film will be enough.

You must avoid inhaling the repellent as well so spray only in a well-ventilated area away from any open flames.

Use Hands for Hard to Reach and Sensitive Spots

Don’t spray the repellent directly on ears and face. Instead, try to spray it on your hands before spreading it on your neck, face, and outside the eyes by being extra careful that you don’t get it near your nostrils and eyes. Bug sprays can worsen open wounds and cuts so avoid those areas with irritated or broken skin. If your kids will eat, make sure they wash their hands after applying.

Don’t Forget Knees and Ankles

Mosquitoes get attracted to specific body spots including knees, feet, and ankles. Thus, always make sure that these parts are also adequately applied with the repellent.

Be Extra Careful with the Kids

Any kind of mosquito repellent spray for kids must never be applied on children under 2 months old. You must also not apply directly on the skin of older children. Spray this first on your hands before rubbing it on the face and exposed skin of a child. Make sure that you avoid their hands since they have the habit of sticking their fingers into their mouth and eyes. And of course, avoid the mouth, eyes, and nostrils when rubbing.

If you need the best mosquito repellent sprays for kids and other useful products, Safe-O-Mos Mosquito Repellent Spray is an effective option that you can consider.

About Safe-O-Kid Mosquito Repellant Products (A Part of Baby Safety Inc)

Safe-O-Kid range of mosquito repellent products is the safest way to protect little ones from mosquito bites both inside the house and outside. The products are designed especially for kids and are tested by international experts for long-lasting impactand zero side effects.

Being a brand totally dedicated to children’s safety, Safe-O-Kid does NOT use any ingredients harmful for kids (No Eucalyptus extracts and No DEET/ Picardin/Alcohol like chemicals) as such ingredients might interfere with child’s nervous and respiratory systems and cause discomfort or severe side effects like seizures.

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