Boo-boo-free Odyssey of Discovery!

Has it ever happened to you, when you’ve caught your child putting their hands where he/she is not supposed to? Possibly in a drawer, cabinet, socket, or a window perhaps? Come on! Don’t lie! It’s okay, we promise you, it is a very normal thing for them to want to do that. As their brain develops, their need to search, survey, investigate and discover their surroundings increases significantly. But we have the judgment that comes as we mature into teenagers and eventually adults. We have received our fair share of warnings and gained wisdom, on what is safe and what is not! Children on the other hand are almost blank slates with next to zero sense of danger and no inhibitions whatsoever. Naturally, since they lack the discernment that comes with age, their exploits tend to become more and more dangerous.


As their curiosity grows, our ability to safeguard them against themselves also needs to grow. Innocent curiosities flourish over time, which may lead to disastrous consequences. And as adults, it is second nature to us to do whatever we can to protect these tots. We love them with all our hearts, their idiosyncrasies, and their adorable laughs. For that reason, today we’ll be talking about the importance of child-proof locks, where to use them, and how they have helped keep little munchkins safe.


Why do we need these locks?

  • We the adults, fear the unknown. Children? Children revere the unknown. Anything that is hidden or out of sight is worth the exploration for them.
  • Any closed drawer, cabinet, or window is filled to the brim with opportunities. Opportunities to learn, understand, and better their outlook of the world. While they may appear like miniature nincompoops, we assure you, we cannot be further from the truth. Children at the meager age of just two can learn about three words a day and can master up to six languages by the age of just five!
  • Their thirst for exploration can sometimes get the better of them though. They can stumble and fall, flop over and hurt themselves in the process.
  • Their fingers can get pinched or stuck in the complex tracts of drawers. This will lead to an inevitable boo-boo and rivers of tears. Additionally, they may get bruised or even form a tiny finger clot, which may have other repercussions.
  • Cabinets with expensive or heavy items are just within the reach of their fingers. They may accidentally try opening or reaching for a shiny trinket. And before you know it all the contents of that cabinet are splattered across the floor, with your child buried under! While he/she struggles to clamour their way out, all the noise has distracted you from your zoom call and you rush to aid the poor child! Hush! All safe and good for today. He/she is unharmed and nothing of value has broken. But what about tomorrow? And the day after?
  • Consider this, they see an airplane whisk across the sky and feel like reaching out! They open the window while you are cooking a delicacy in the kitchen. Slowly but steadily they move forward and reach the ledge. To get a better view they decide to climb onto the ledge. Their knock-kneed, unstable little feet make their way up and onto the ledge, one by one. But it has been too silent for far too long and you come rushing into the room, only to find a sight of absolute horror. A precariously balanced child, laughing whilst pointing to the airplane, unaware of the danger! You swoop in and pick him/her up desperately, clutching onto him/her for dear life. Phew, what a close save!
  • We’re not trying to scare you one bit, in fact we are talking of the worst possible situations! Of course, a series of unfortunate events need to unfold for the above-mentioned hypotheticals to become a reality…but, however rare, we all know they can occur. Freak accidents happen. Why should we assume they will never happen to us?


What is the solution?

Solving this cannot possibly be any easier. How? Simple! Child locks! They are uncomplicated, cost-effective, and reliable. Their usage can have multiple benefits. You can buy various child locks of different sizes, designs as well as colors. They can be attached to any movable object within a child’s reach. Their existence deserves to be, and should be promoted as well as normalized since these products have been known to save lives! Their applications include windows, doors, cabinets, and drawers.


What types of locks are available? 

  • Windows Locks

Window locks are effective and are almost impossible to get past with brute force, even for an adult. Wedge type, stopper type and mechanical stopper locks can be used depending on the dimensions of your windows.

  • Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Adhesive, magnetic and mechanical locking mechanisms are available in the market to baby-proof cabinets and drawers. In an adhesive lock, one end is attached to the cabinet door frame and the other to the cabinet door. This can be used on a drawer and a sturdy immovable wooden surface next to it. The function is essentially the same.

In a magnetic lock, magnets are fixed to both sides of the door. Significant force application or a magnetic key is required to unlatch this device.

Mechanical lock uses plastic or metallic rod inserted between the handles of two adjacent drawers. They will lockout if an attempt is made to open either drawer. The same can be applied to cabinet doors.


How do they look?

Luckily for us, designers have kept aesthetics in mind, to prevent these locks from looking misplaced or unpleasant! There are a copious number of adorable designs available in a variety of colors. Some come in hue-matched sets while others may come in winsome shapes. The possibilities and choices of permutations and combinations are truly endless. So don’t worry, these life-savers also look gorgeous and seldom take away from the beauty of your home.


We always find ways and methods of protecting the generation that follows us. Their mischievous grins and sly drama always keep us on our toes! Having a child at home is truly a magical experience, wherein we get to mold, from scratch, a complete human life. They take on our sitting postures, mannerisms, values, our humility as well as our verbatim. Every child is special in one way or another. And as responsible adults it is our duty to nurture that inner spark, to help it grow and materialize it into something truly enchanting.


This involves keeping a watch on them all the time. But, you and I both know in these challenging times, that is not always possible. With haywire office timings, familial medical emergencies and most daunting of all, without our reliable as well as trusty domestic help, giving around the clock attention to our tots is like asking the Sun to stop shining. Simply impossible. While our children may be fast learners, we can’t expect them to listen to our every instruction and obey us every time. Let’s be honest, where would the fun be in that scenario? When they refuse to sleep without a bedtime story, we happily acquiesce, don’t we? So then, why the hesitation here! One step we can take to ensure that the children remain unharmed is the use of these ‘safety gadgets.’

We have learned that their unadorned appearance has little to do with their efficacy. These products help in keeping a check on the toddlers, even if it’s not something we notice on a daily basis. They prevent injuries of all sorts – right from minor boo-boos up to catastrophic and sometimes fatal accidents. Stories of children getting crushed under cabinets, falling out of windows, and losing their fingers are not made-up hoaxes to scare you. They happen every day, albeit their probability of occurring is extremely less! But why should we take a chance? Do we want to just become another statistic? Of course not! We will do everything in our power to shield them, from the world, from bad influences and yes, even from themselves if need be. Children are the future – of our genes, of this country, and of the very fibers of humankind. Protect them, buy the locks today!

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