Bottle feeding: How to clean the formula bottles of your newborn?

Infants have weak immunity so any negligence in maintaining the hygiene of your infant will make him fall ill. Also, infants only food is drinking milk, and we all know milk is good source of breeding the bacteria. Thus, your baby can fall sick if you make him drink milk which is contaminated. Thus, while bottle feeding your infant, it is necessary you clean his formula bottle effectively.

Cleaning and sterilizing his bottle before bottle feeding him, will reduce the chance of bacterial contamination in milk. Thus, your baby remains safe and healthy during all the times. This article will tell you about how to clean and sterilize the formula bottle of your infant. So, if you are a mother who really cares for her child’s health, read this full.

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General way of cleaning and sterilizing the formula bottle before bottle feeding your infant

Doctors say that, till the baby is 12months old, he is highly prone to diseases because of his weak immunity. Thus, you should not take this task of sterilizing the formula bottle casually. You must clean and sterilize the bottle feeding equipment, after every time you feed your child.

You can start with cleaning the bottle with hot and soapy water. After this, place all the bottle equipment in a boiling water pan. You can also put it in a microwave. This sterilizes the formula bottle. Once cleaning and sterilizing is done, you need to put the bottle in an air tight container.

What are the bottle feeding equipments that you need to sterilize?

In bottle feeding, you need to purchase a formula bottle where you store the breastmilk or formula milk. Whenever your baby feels hungry you feed him the milk with the formula bottle. Thus the formula bottle you buy consist of following parts –

  • One large bottle to store milk
  • Rings and caps for sealing the milk from leaking
  • Teats for baby to such milk from bottle

The bottles and teats are available in different shapes and sizes you can choose which suits your baby the best. Teats can be latex or silicon made, you can choose anyone. The holes in teats also vary as small or large. Thus, select the one to whose flow rate your baby can adjust.

How to Clean the Bottle Feeding Equipment?

You have already read the importance of cleaning the bottle feeding equipment of your child after every feed. So the moment your baby stops drinking milk, rinse it thoroughly with clean water. It makes the bottle easier to clean later. You can then use following methods to properly clean the formula bottle –

  • Start with sanitizing your hand with soap water and then dry it properly with clean towel.
  • Then, check the teats of formula bottle for any cracks. If the teat is damage, immediately replace it, as the bacteria grows in cracks.
  • After this, you need to put all the bottle-feeding equipment in hot, and soapy water. Rinse them thoroughly in the water.
  • You can the brush to clean and scrub the bottle and teats from inside. Caps and screw thread areas are most prone for bacterial growth. Thus, give these areas the special attention.
  • Pass the water from the hole of teat. It will clean the hole of teat.
  • Rinse everything thoroughly.

How to Sterilize the bottle-feeding equipment?

There are many ways of sterilizing the bottle-feeding equipment of your toddler after cleaning it:

  • Boiling Sterilization
  • Chemical Sterilization
  • Steam Sterilization
  • Microwave Sterilization

Who can provide you with best feeding bottles?

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