Child-Proofing Must-Haves for Parents

Child-Proofing or baby safety is something that always tops the priority of parents. With the rapid industrialization and cut-throat competition parents either are neglecting the need of their parents or are turning on to Child-Proofing products that are not safe for babies. For example, your drawing room must have tables and cabinets that have sharp edges and most of the time we don’t realize how dangerous it could be. Take another example, as a safety measure we use various mosquito repelling products that contain hazardous chemicals like DEET, Alchohol, and Picardin that are deleterious to human body.

With the growing level of pollution and as people are becoming more and more health-conscious the demand of organic or non-hazardous Child-Proofing products are growing exponentially.

With this article we came-up with some Child-Proofing products that are not only safe but are also very convenient to be used in human skins. Apart from being convenient and safe they are reusable which takes away much of the burden from your wallet. Safe-o-Kid is one of such platforms that offer innovative, safe, and reusable child-proofing products at an affordable and judicious price.

Without much ado let’s understand how we can child-proof our homes simply by incorporating these items.

Use mosquito repelling bands/patches:

Mosquitoes are one of those tiny creatures that we all hate and want them to keep away from our dwelling space particularly from the vicinity where our little kids are living. Traditional mosquito repelling products are effective but are also having hazardous chemicals like DEET, Picardin and Alcohol. Viewing their deleterious impacts on human skin parents these days are turning on to mosquito-repelling products for kids that are safe to them also. Safe-o-Kid source and sell mosquito-repelling items that have zero level of synthetic chemicals and are convenient too.


These mosquito repelling products includes:

  • Anti-mosquito wristband
  • Anti-mosquito patches
  • DEET free reusable mosquito repelling bands
  • DEET-Free, Mosquito Repelling Spray
  • Reusable, Baby Safe Mosquito Repelling Bracelet

Corner Cushions:

Irrespective of the size of your house there must be a drawing room with tables and cabinets. We usually don’t realize how dangerous sharp-edged corners of these tables could be for our babies. Little aged children or babies have body parts that are delicate, soft, and tender. A small hit or a sudden blow could force them to bleed a lot, thus, it is important for parents to put Corner Cushions that can help babies withstand such blow if it occurs. Premium Corner Cushions those Safe-o-kid offers effectively cover the sharp edges while retaining its flexibility and softness for enhanced protection. All these corner cushions for babies are thoroughly tested for high-impact collisions (does not rupture).Safe-O-Kid’s special adhesive (do not come off easily yet do not leave stains/damage furniture/paint). These products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, odorless, dust-free, and do not become sticky with prolonged use even in extremely hot weather.

Multi-Purpose Child Safety Lock:

Are you struggling to incorporate systems and processes in the house that can prevent baby fingers from getting caught in to drawers/ doors? Are you looking for products those prevent babies from being exposed to harmful things like medicines, sharp tools kept in drawers/ cabinets? Or are you looking for ways to prevent baby from emptying the contents of drawers/cabinets? You can achieve these objectives in a single go by purchasing multi-purpose child safety locks that are built by experts keeping in mind the notorious behavior of children.

These child safety locks are made up of very high quality polymer and are multi-purpose locks that fit all shapes and sizes with flexible strap. Parents can open them from both ends and could add a lot to the decoration of the house.

In nutshell, safe-o-kid is a place that is dedicated to products those makes your house child-proof. No-matter whether you are looking for mosquito repelling products, corner cushions or multi-purpose child safety locks visit safe-o-kid to get them all.

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