Child Safety Gates: Why and How to Buy them?

Babies are innocent and don’t what can harm them and what cannot. Thus, as a parent you need to take care of the safety of your baby at all times. However, you cannot be with them all the times, thus you must think to ensure their safety every time. The major danger for any baby is they are prone to fall from dangerous heights. Thus, you can install child safety gates to ensure they don’t fall from heights.

With child safety gates, you can do your important works without worrying for your child. This article will tell you more about such safety gates. So keep reading till end.

How child safety gates protect your small kids?

You must have heard from parents that, most accidents with kids happen at home only. These risks stay hidden in living room, around tables, TV sets, bookshelves, along with loose wires. These loose wires can get tangled around your baby leading to dangerous results. Apart from that, there are many other things also like paper clips, erasers, plastic bags, etc. which children might think as an item to eat.

Among all these potential hazards that can harm your baby the most dangerous is stairs in your house. Thus, the most feasible solution to refrain such hazards is to make these areas inaccessible to your baby. This is where the role of stair child safety gates comes into play. You can install them at top and bottom both as if baby climbs the stairs, he cannot fall.

Bedrooms and bathrooms possess the same dangerous but not in the form of height. It includes, medicines, cleaning items, phenyl etc. Thus, you need to keep them out of reach of kids, so that they don’t consume it accidentally. You can do so with help of child safety gates.

Don’t forget kitchen area which can threat your child in its own way. Like, it has knife, heat, and other kind of hazardous objects. So while in kitchen, make your baby stay in the limits of child safety gates. If he is sitting on chair, make it close with safety gates, so he can’t get out himself.

What are different types of gates available for baby?

Above, we have got to know the different types of hazards available at home for babies. Thus, as per the location and hazards in the home, there are different and dedicated types of safety gates available.

You can go with, stair safety gates to be used at top of stairs. They can be like, mounted on the wall, of stairs one side, and the other side locks on other wall of stair. Else you can also go with, pressure mounted safety gates. Unlike the earlier one, these safety gates don’t need any screws.

You can choose between auto-close and auto –lock function gates, thus you worry less. Child safety gates also have various size range and many of them also used with extensions. It increases their width or you can also buy the expendable gates. The common material for manufacturing is wrought iron, steel, aluminum, and wood. The gates have a finishing of powder coating that makes them clean easily.

Factors to keep in mind before buying baby safety gates

Child safety gates are usually used for new born babies, of age between 6months to 2 or 3 years old. They are placed at stair top, or at doorways, so the toddler remains away from home hazards. Keep following things in mind while buying one:

  • Start with measuring the width of doorway or the stair way, so that the gate you buy is wide enough to block the gap.
  • Don’t buy the accordion type gate, because they diamond shaped openings are not safe. It can trap hour baby’s head that can lead to choking.
  • For more safety, check the ASTM/JPMA label on the gate. It means, American Society for Testing and Materials, and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.
  • While buying stair safety gates, always ensure there are no sharp edges and pieces. It could hurt the baby’s hands. If it is a wooden gate, check for wood splinters.
  • The height of gate must not be greater than three quarters of child’s height.

Where to buy the best child safety gates?

Parenting your child is a blessing and responsibility both and every choice you make will have an impact on your child. Thus, you always need to make right choices for your baby for his safety and well-being. When it comes to buying child safety gates, Safe-O-Kid is the best choice available for you. Here is why?

Run by the people who are themselves a parent, we work as a parent focused company.  We understand the issues of a parent for their infant and hence provide you the baby products that are healthy and safer for your baby. Before we dispatch it to you, we run multiple and strict quality checks on the product you buy. Thus, we ensure your baby receives best product in journey of his development. Read more about our baby safety gates products here.

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