Cold Weather Tips for New Parents

The winter season has come and the cold is on its peak. Extreme cold sets off alarm bells for many parents. Things worsen when you are a First-Time Parent and don’t have much experience about how to take care of new-born babies.  Things become even more problematic because their body lack the mechanism needed to maintain the warmth of the body. Apart of this they don’t have enough fats that can help them maintain the optimum level of warmth in the body.

Thus, to help parents taking care of their babies in winter season we came up with this piece. Without much ado let’s understand how to keep your little one safe from the elements this winter. However, before moving on to how to take care of babies in cold weather we need to know how baby’s body is different from that of an old.

cold in babies

cold in babies

How babies’ body is different from adults

  • adults have a matured immune system but babies lack that
  • adult’s muscles can shiver to keep the body temperature optimum but babies can’t
  • adults are acclimatized to external environment but babies are not
  • adults have sufficient amount of fat which is not in the case of babies
  • Babies should avoid sunburns even more than adults

How to take care of babies in cold

Dress your baby in layers: Babies have an immune system that is not developed yet and hence they need extra layer of protection in every way. Same goes true for their dresses and attires. Always dress your babies in layers so as to maintain optimum level of warmth in the body. However too many clothes can choke their airway and thus too-much should be avoided.

How many layers of clothing does my infant need to go outside? This is the immediate question that pops up in the mind of parents. Putting it simply, parents need to dress their babies in one more layer than they have on. For example, if you’re wearing a coat, a shirt and a trouser your baby needs those plus a blanket.

Go up for a jaunt outside: While it is true that cold weather is not conducive to new-born babies at the same time parents need to acknowledge that fresh air is needed almost for everybody.  Same goes true for babies, but how to do that. The best way to do that is by preparing your car and your baby both for an excursion and taking her up for a jaunt outside.

Ensure warmth while using baby carrier: Baby carriers have become an integral part of parent’s life these days. Companies these days are coming-up with ergonomic soft structured baby carriers that are specially designed and built after scientific study of people and their working conditions. These baby carriers already come-up with inbuilt accessories to maintain the warmth of the baby. So, parents don’t need to put extra layer of accessories. Doing so could choke the airway of the baby.

Keep the indoor temperature optimum: Babies need to be protected from cold and at the same time we need to expose them to fresh air. Baby skin loses moisture much readily than adults and thus the level of moisture in the room should be maintained appropriately. Increasing the temperature too much can lower the level of moisture in the air and dehydrate the air.

So, if you are a first-time parent and wondering about how to take care of babies in cold then the above article would give you some insight about how to go about it. For more articles about how to take care of babies you can refer to safe-o-kid blog.

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