Different Kinds of Baby Strollers & How to Pick The Best

Finding a stroller for your baby can be a tedious task unless you are not already sure of what your pick is going to be. The market is brimming with the different kinds of baby strollers. With so many brands out there, the strollers are equipped with plenty of features that may overwhelm you. That’s when you can find this blog helpful. Baby stroller is one of the essential baby gears that you are going to use for a long time. For that reason, you want to ensure that you are taking a pick that lasts long.

This blog provides you insight into the different kinds of baby strollers up for grabs. In addition to that, you can go through our buying guide to finding the perfect baby stroller for you infant.

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Different Kinds of Baby Strollers

As we have already mentioned that there are different types of baby strollers up for grabs. Take a look at the kinds of baby strollers up for grabs.

Standard Strollers

The most common strollers used are standard strollers. Such type of strollers are equipped with features that ensure the safety of your infant. They basically come in two types: Full-sized standard strollers and light-weight strollers.

The full-sized standard strollers feature large canopies to protect from mosquitoes, adjustable seats. Such type of standard baby strollers offer great comfort to kid. Full-sized standard strollers make it a perfect choice if you want to travel on car or foot. They are perfect fit for kids who love to nap during their rides. Also, for the everyday use, you can not go wrong with full-sized strollers. They can be used outdoors and indoor.

Talking about the light-weight standard strollers, they are quite portable and compact. They are also known as umbrella strollers. What makes them a good pick is the fact that such strollers can fold like an umbrella and are easy to carry around. They don’t take any additional room. That’s how compact they are. Talking about the features, such strollers have everything you would need .If you are planning to go on a quick trip, light-weight strollers make a perfect companion.

Double Strollers

Double strollers are a good choice if you have two infants at your home. They come in different shapes and styles and you can take your pick what seems interesting to you. The heavy duty design allows you to use in tough terrain and outdoors. Let’s get to know about double strollers in depth:

Side by Side double strollers are a great choice if you have kids that are of almost same age. Such strollers are designed in a way that allows tow kids sit together – the seating is attached to the hip. Such strollers provides equal front view and at the same time, allow your kids to interact with each other. The seating adjustability feature is of great use. The seats can be reclined so any kid who wishes to take nap can have it while you are strolling them in strollers. They are usually wider than the standard strollers. It means that you will have be careful while navigating through narrow aisles.

Jogging Strollers

The purpose of jogging strollers is to allow parents jog, walk or stroll. Jogging strollers come in different styles and different levels to cater to your needs. The major difference between jogging strollers and the standard strollers is the addition of wheels. The fixed front wheel and the air-filled tires ensures that the stroller does not tip over. Apart from that, jogging strollers have brakes which allow you to control the speed of strollers and slow down when you need to navigate through the obstacles. The addition of shock-absorbing system ensures that your baby experiences a smooth and comfortable ride.

One thing that you must take a note is that the jogging strollers are a bit heavy. You may have hard time in folding or unfolding jogging strollers when you compare it with standard strollers.

Sit and Stand Strollers

Sit and stand strollers are basically a part of double strollers. As its name indicates, sit and stand strollers features a toddler seat and a standing platform for older kid in the back. Sit and stand strollers are a great choice if you have two kid at home. The older one gets to stand in the back while the younger one can sit in the front seat.

How To Choose The Best Stroller For Your Kid?

So, if you have made up your mind to get a new stroller for your baby, there are a few questions that you must find an answer to. This is the only way to ensure that you are getting the best stroller for your kid.

Where will you use the stroller?

The first that that you should consider is the fact where you are going to use the stroller. Ask yourself if you are planning to carry your baby as you run your errands? Do you want a stroller that gets easily into your car? This will help you determine what kind of stroller is best for your baby. You should always look for a stroller that is easy to fold and unfold.

Where do you live?

Finding a new stroller also means to acknowledge the fact where do you live. Do you live in a place where there are rough terrains? Along with that, you should also consider the weather prevalent there. Does your place deals with lot of rain or snow? For instance, if you live in a small house, you may want to get a stroller that is light in weight and does not take too much space in your place.

Consider the age of the children

While buying a stroller for your kid, it is important to consider the age of the children. There are different kinds of stroller that are suitable for kids with different age-group. Along with that, you should also consider the weight of your kid. This will help in finding the best strollers that provides sheer comfort and security to your kid. Today’s best brands mention the recommendations which include age, weight. Make sure to consider these parameters as well while you are planning to buy a new stroller.

Features That You Should Look For

There are lots of options you can consider when it comes to buying a stroller features. While the additional features and the aesthetics of stroller may go a long way in comforting your kid, you must not skimp on the basic yet essential features. Take a look at the features that you must look for while buying a stroller.

  • Portability – It does not matter which kind of stroller you are buying, make sure that it is portable. You will be able to easily carry the stroller which is portable and compact. On the other hand, if the stroller lacks portability, you will find it difficult to carry around. Along with that, make sure that the stroller you are buying is compact so that it does not take much of your space in your apartment or wherever you are planning to store it.
  • Shocks – One of the important features that you must look for in a stroller is the presence of shocks. The addition of shocks makes sure that your kid does not experience a bumpy ride. Today’s best strollers come outfitted with shocks that make the journey smooth and comfortable.
  • Seats – The primary purpose of a stroller is to provide extreme comfort to your kid. For that reasons, there are different kinds of stroller that comes with comfortable seats. While buying a stroller, you should ensure that the seats are comfortable. Some models provides the flexibility to convert the seats into recliner while some of the models feature footrest to provide extra comfort to your kid.

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