What are the Essential Oils for Mosquito Repellents?

Essential oils can be used for making the mosquito repellents. Surprisingly, they are being used by our elders for ages. Due to the latest products in markets, we do not rely on them most without knowing that the mosquito repellents available in the market contain chemicals, alcohol, DEET and other chemicals with the toxin. These things can give a lot of skin allergies and even cause a bigger problem than the bite of mosquitoes.

essential oils for insect repellents

With the help of essential oils, one can easily create natural mosquito repellents. There are dozens of essential oils available in the market, not all of them can be used to make mosquito repellents, but some of them work great. To help you to create mosquito repellents at home with the help of essential oils, following I am sharing the name of some of them and how they are effective as compare to those repellents which are available in the market and contain dangerous chemicals.

1 – Citronella essential oil:

When ever you search for the best essential oils which can be used for making mosquito repellents, you will found citronella at the top of the list. This essential oil does not only have a record of warding off pesky mosquitoes but also other bugs. This oil has an unpleasant fragrance but adding any nice fragrance can solve this issue.

2 – Tea tree essential oil:

The tea tree essential oil has been there since ages and being used to make repellent for small insects including mosquitoes. The tea tree oils can be used to make repellent for fleas, lice, and parasites in animals etc. This oil is beneficial for people of all ages except newborn to 6-month-old babies.

3 – Lavender essential oil:

Like citronella and tea tree essential oils, the lavender essential oil does not contain bad fragrance. So, if you do not like the smell of other essential oil then you can use lavender essential oil to make mosquito repellent. Lavender works babies with age between 3-6 months and also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

4 – Lemongrass essential oil:

Lemongrass essential oil has a very strong smell which is unattractive to many kinds of bugs including mosquitoes. You can create a repellent simply by adding the lemongrass essential oil into the water and spray it around the home. The lemongrass is closely related to citronella essential oil but have better fragrance. So, if you are not happy with the citronella essential oil’s repellent, then you can use lemongrass essential oil.

Safe-o-Kid is an online store in India which has 100% natural mosquito repellents. Instead of using chemicals, they have made kids friendly repellents which include clove oil, citronella oil, mint oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil and lavender oil etc.

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About Safe-O-Kid Mosquito Repellant Products (A Part of Baby Safety Inc)

Safe-O-Kid range of mosquito repellent products is the safest way to protect little ones from mosquito bites both inside the house and outside. The products are designed especially for kids and are tested by international experts for lasting effectiveness and zero side effects.

Being a brand totally dedicated to children’s safety, Safe-O-Kid does NOT use any ingredients harmful for kids (No Eucalyptus extracts and No DEET/ Picardin/Alcohol like chemicals) as such ingredients might interfere with child’s nervous and respiratory systems and cause discomfort or severe side effects like seizures.

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