Feeding Bottle for Babies: An Overview

Becoming a parent brings immense joy but it also brings immense responsibilities for you. Most important of that is feeding your child with healthy and nutritious foods. But kids are not so easy to tackle, when it comes to feed them nutritious food. Thus, if you don’t want to compromise their nutrition, then you should think of innovative ways to feed your child. Feeding bottle for babies is one of those ways where you can attract your toddler towards the nutritious food.

So, if you are searching for the same innovative methods to feed your child, you are at the right place. This article will give you more clarity on feeding bottle for babies. After reading this you will surely be able to select the right method to feed your child.

Why choose feeding bottle for babies?

Yes, we do agree that, breastfeeding is the correct form of feeding the milk to your child. But you will also accept that it is difficult for working mothers to breastfeed their child at regular intervals. Also, there are instances where you cannot feed your child with your milk, such as in public places.

So, do you want to let above constraints become the hindrance in achieving good nutrition to your child? The answer will be surely no. That’s where the feeding bottle for babies, prove to be of great help for working mothers like you.

With feeding bottles you can make your kid have formula milk or even your own milk also. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the nutrition of your child.

Advantages of feeding bottle for babies

One thing is clear from above that, feeding bottles provides best alternative to breastfeeding. Given below are some advantages of feeding bottle for babies:

Any person can feed milk to the baby –

As a working mother you cannot be available every time to feed your milk to the baby. Feeding bottles take care of this, as any parent can or anyone in the family can hold the bottle and feed the milk to baby’s mouth.

Further, feeding bottle for babies, give father and other members of the family to spend time with the infant. It also helps them to develop good bond with the baby and the baby cries less often.

You can feed the baby in public –

Breastfeeding the baby in public is one of the biggest challenge any mother faces, irrespective of whether she is working or not. It becomes very uncomfortable for mothers to breastfeed their child public if any private area is not available nearby. Thus, feeding bottle for the babies, are of great help in such cases.

Whether you are travelling in train, bus, flights or any other public transport, you don’t need to worry more. Just bottle feed the baby, and fulfil your responsibility of being a great mother.

Know the daily nutrition intake of your baby easily –

When you breastfeed your baby, it is not possible to measure the milk consumption of your baby. However, since feeding bottles come up with markings in mL, you can easily calculate the optimum intake of your baby in a day.

In this way, you can easily understand whether the infant is having enough in-take or not. If not, then your child is probably not well. Thus, you can then take appropriate actions before the problem alleviates.

Worrying of low breast milk supply? It solves this –

Every mother has a sense of insecurity that their baby may remain hungry of milk, if their milk supply is low or insufficient on that day for the baby. If you also have this fear, then feeding bottle for babies will remove your worry. It will ensure your baby gets enough milk supply and you feel happy watching him grow and develop.

Enjoy the diet as per your choice freely –

Lactating mothers need to be very cautious of their diets, as having anything appropriate in their diet plan will affect the milk supply. This sometimes makes the mothers feel irritated as they can’t have the food of their own choice.

However, feeding bottle for babies help you feed formula milk to your kid anytime you want. Thus, enjoy whatever food or drink you want to have in your diet, without worrying for the nutrition of your child.

Suits the babies having lactose intolerance –

Sometimes it happens that babies are not able to digest the breast milk, and this condition is called lactose intolerance in kids. In such cases, appropriate formula milks like soy protein is the solution for baby’s daily nutrition take. You can thus easily feed your baby with formula milks using feeding bottle.

Your health condition doesn’t affects the nutrition of your baby –

Many times mother falls ill or suffers from health issues where doctors ask her to stop breastfeeding their child. So, if your doctor has also asked you to do same, then now is the time to buy a feeding bottle for babies.  With this you can easily feed the formula milk to your baby till the time you get recover completely.

Few important questions asked by mothers

Babies drink milk how often in bottle feeding?

Mother’s milk digests in short time, so baby feels hungry more often. Thus, you need to frequently breast feed your baby many times in a day. When we talk about bottle feeding, then it is used for feeding formula milk to the babies.

As we know that formula milk takes more time to digest, thus baby feels hungry less often in a day. Hence, you don’t need to worry about hunger of your child. Thus, in bottle feeding kids get full nutrition without feeling hungry frequently.

When and how frequently to dispose feeding bottle for babies?

As a mother bottle feeding her toddler, the biggest worry for you is to decide when and how often to dispose the feeding the bottle. Following points will tell you more about it:

  • Feeding bottle for babies, are of two types either BPA free or Non-BPA free. Hence, which ever bottle you are using, make sure to dispose it after the cutoff date mentioned on the bottle packaging. If not mentioned, then ensure to replace the BPA free bottle once in a six month and non- BPA free once in a three month.
  • There are certain situations where you need to change the feeding bottle before the time limit. One of those is, when the bottle develops a crack on it, or leaks, or you see chips coming out from bottle. If not replaced, it will contaminate the milk, and the baby may fall ill.
  • If you see any sign of discoloration in the feeding bottle, don’t wait for the time limit mentioned pack. Just immediately replace the bottle.

What is the best way to sterilize the feeding bottle for babies?

Cleaning the feeding bottle in right way at regular intervals is an important task for you. If you don’t do it with safety and precaution, accumulation of bacteria and dirt on the bottle may take place, and this will prove to be harmful for the baby. Thus, follow given below steps to sterilize the feeding bottle for babies:

  • Separate each part of all the feeding bottles of your baby. You then need to keep those parts, on a clean cloth of cotton.
  • You then need to sink all the parts in a soapy solution of water and mild liquid soap. Once, done wash all the parts with lid also, in the solution prepared. Don’t use detergent powder, or other strong washing chemicals.
  • Next step is to sterilize the feeding bottle parts. Hence, boil water in a pan, and immerse all the parts in the pan and cover it. Keep the flame on medium and let the water boil with bottle parts in it for the next 10mins.
  • After this, keep the parts submerged and then take out them. Place them on a clean cloth and let them dry naturally. If it is urgent, take a clean dry cloth and then rub the feeding bottle parts to dry it quickly.

Buying the best feeding bottle for babies

Motherhood is a blessing and responsibility both and every choice you make will have an impact on your child. Thus, you always need to make right choices for your baby for his health. When it comes to buying feeding bottle for babies, Safe-O-Kid is the best choice available for you. Here is why?

Run by the people who are themselves a parent, we work as a parent focused company.  We understand the issues of a parent for their infant and hence provide you the baby products that are healthy and safer for your baby. Before we dispatch it to you, we run multiple and strict quality checks on the product you buy. Thus, we ensure your baby receives best product in journey of his development. Read more about our feeding bottle products here.

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