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The home is a space where children are allowed to play, explore, learn and develop without having to worry about anything. The home is the playground for little babies and it should be a space where they are allowed to truly thrive in a fun and happy way. While parents try their best to not come in the way of the growth and curiosity of the children, there are times when they have to intervene. Times when the children are in harm’s way at home is when the parents need to make sure that they have safety measures in place to ensure that they do not get hurt. One of the best ways in which parents can choose to be sure about the safety of the children is to indulge in home safety equipment for kids. These are accessories that can be used on the furniture and other things around the house to make that space safer and more baby friendly should be sourced from a brand partner that you can rely on for quality as well as functionality because finally, the safety of your baby is at stake.

When you are at it, there are chances that a lot of baby safety accessories for little kids may get missed out, which is why you need to have a handy comprehensive list of things that you need to ensure kids’ safety at home. Here is a list that can help when you are out shopping for all the stuff you need:

– Multipurpose Locks: These are simple yet effective locks that can be pasted on to surface and immediately be put to use without the use of any tools or extra help. The multipurpose locks come with built-in industrial strength double sided tape that can hold the lock in place for use over a long period of time. The locks are among the most essential kids’ safety items for homes because you can help keep drawers, cabinets, appliance shutters and even toilet seats shut with the help of the multipurpose locks. Keeping curious little kids out of cabinets and drawers and eventually out of harm’s way is easily possible with the help of the locks. However, in order to ensure that the locks are sturdy enough, you need to get them from the most viable sellers out there.

– Edges & Corners: Edges and corners on furniture pieces, walls, floor skirting and more pose a huge threat to the safety of a child no matter what age they are, right from the crawling days up to when they start walking and running around the house. A slip and a fall can cause greater harm to the child if there is impact with sharp corners and edges. It is therefore, highly essential to get the sharps sides covered with the help of edge and corner guards. Parents can choose to either get sets of the guards or just get guards for corners, which is relevant for older kids. The thickness, style, colour and length of the edge and corner guards can be chosen from a wide variety of options to make sure that in securing the edges and corners, the aesthetics of the house do not get compromised. The guards for the corners as well as for the edges come with an adhesive surface that can be simply pasted on to the surface that needs to be secured and this process does not require any special skill or tools.

– Safety Gates: Even though the house is a space in which children should be allowed to freely move about and explore, there may be spaces where children cannot go for the sake of their own safety. Spaces such as the kitchen or the balconies and terrace spaces need to be secured as out of bounds so that children are kept safe within the house. With the help of easily installable and operable safety gates, parents can create barriers that children cannot cross but can be used by parents with ease. The safety gates remain one of the most essential safety equipment for kids at home because it frees the parents of the worry that their child may stray into an area of the house that they should not be in.

– Door Safety: Slamming doors pose a very big risk to the safety of the children especially in high rise homes where the wind velocity is stronger and the chances of doors slamming is higher. It is important that parents invest in door stops or devices to soften the blow of the slam so that children are kept safe from either getting hurt by slamming or from getting locked into a room. There are various products and accessories that parents can choose from to ensure that children are kept safe from the various room doors in the house. Right from wedge shaped stoppers to devices for keeping sliding doors locked, parents can find it all if they look into the right places.

– Sleep Safety: While a sleeping baby is one of the most beautiful things in the world to experience, especially for exhausted and worn out parents, the parents cannot be truly free of worry unless there is something that can save a sleeping baby from falling out of the bed. Rails for beds to be put on open sides create a safe environment for the baby when it sleeps during the day as well as at night. Toddlers especially need contraptions that can allow them to move through the length and breadth of the bed without falling out as they sleep, which is why bed rails are highly important for parents of children that are slightly older and may have learnt to roll in bed.

– Stove Safety: As the kids grow older, their curiosity to explore newer and more intriguing things also increases. Children are constantly looking for knobs and levers that they can turn and test their motor skills on but when the children start reaching the stove tops that is when parents need to be seriously concerned. With the help of accessories such as knob covers, parents can ensure that the stove is secured from the little explorers in the house.

– Loose appliances: Things like table mounted televisions can pose a great threat for the children that are growing and learning to grab onto things for standing, walking or simply for the thrill of it. It is important that you consider getting harness like contraptions which are found easily among kids’ safety items for homes and attach them to the televisions in the house. This is something that wont just keep your children safe from the TV but will also help in keeping the TV secure. In the present times, when the work from home system has become prevalent, a lot of parents also have use table mounted flat screen computer monitors at home, which is another item that can be secured with the help of the specialized harness system. This helps you make sure that you are able to keep company property safe without having to constantly watch the child in the house as you go about your day.

– Anti-locking Accessory: A lot of doors in the house have knobs that get locked on their own, which is something that can prove to be highly dangerous for children when they are alone inside a room. While it is wise to have a key for all doors outside the rooms, it may not be always possible, which is why it is important to secure the locks with anti-locking devices that can help you ensure that the doors do not get locked with the child alone in any room.

– Electric Safety: Among all the child safety equipment for home that you may buy, the one most important thing to invest in is the electric plug socket cover. Whether your electric receptacles are placed higher up or they are low, they need to be secured with a plug socket to prevent little children from inserting their fingers into the plug holes and putting them at the risk of electric shocks. It is essential that you get plug sockets that fit well into the wall sockets and are not possible to be removed by the children so that they can be truly useful.

– Surveillance: Finally, you need to ensure that you keep a close watch on the activities of the child in the house without having to hound them or without having to compromise on your own freedom. With the help of conventional or two-way bay monitors you can keep a tab on a sleeping baby or check how the little one is playing in their room and always be assured of their safety no matter where in the house you are.

With the help of all these kids’ safety items for home it is possible to ensure that your baby has a smooth, unhampered and healthy growth in an environment that is truly safe for them.

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