Five Must-Have Baby Proofing Products in India

Unlike adults babies are unique species. They are hyper-active, curious and exploratory which makes them special. These attributes put most of the parents in hyper-active mode as every object in their home could be a lurking danger. Every object including doors, table cabinet-corners, tile corners, fridges, toilet seats, drawers could be dangerous if they are not baby-proofed.

Baby safety always remains at the top of the priorities for parents and thus with this piece we decided to list five most essential products that could help parents make their home baby-proofed.

baby safety products for parents

baby safety products

List of Five Baby Proofing Products in India

Baby Proofing Product 1: Electrical Socket Cover

Electrical sockets are one of the indispensable parts of today’s home as electricity is the most common commodities these days. While on the one hand electrical sockets are indispensable household products on the other hand these are lurking dangers if you have babies in your home.

Things can worsen if somehow water gets into the hole of these electrical sockets while washing or cleaning the home. Thus it becomes important for parents to ensure that these sockets are beyond the reach of their precious little-ones. Electric socket covers are thus a great way to safeguard your child and making homes child-proofed.

Baby Proofing Product 2: Stair Gate

Having toddlers and stairs both in home could be a dangerous combination as babies tend to explore more in these places. So, if you want to let your child play without putting much stress on your mind then a stair gate could be of immense help. Parents can install stair gate either with the help of a carpenter or ready-made stair gate for babies are also available these days that are mostly made-up of plywood.

Baby Proofing Product 3: Drawer Locker

Cabinets and drawers are indispensable parts of Indian homes but if you have kids and toddlers at your home those could be lurking dangers. Parents need to ensure that these cabinets and drawers are put in such a manner that it becomes impossible for these little angels to open it. A drawer locker for child safety is one such things that can make your home baby-proof by locking your cabinets and drawers.

Baby Proofing Product 4:

Table corners, tile corners and other such corners could be fatal for your baby and thus it is important for parents to convert these sharp edges into soft, tender and elastic edges. Corner cushions for babies just do that. These rounded cushions are made up of elastic and soft substances that can be wrapped around furniture edges to offer true corner protection for babies.

Sharp corners of tables, cabinets and computer compartments have always been a problem for little kids running around. If ignored these sharp corner edges could be lurking dangers as babies can have a fatal blow with these sharp edges. To prevent babies from getting in such troubles various companies offer premium corner cushions to parents.

Baby Proofing Product 5: Balcony Safety Net

Most of the Indian homes are having a balcony that could be a lurking danger if adequate safety is not ensured for babies. A balcony mostly consists of iron grills and/or cement pillars with empty space between them. Babies and toddlers tend to explore these empty spaces that could be fatal. In such a situation a safety net could help parents avoid these problems.

Thus as parents if you are struggling to manage time between your daily chores and caring babies these above baby safety products could waive-off some of your burdens. Safe-o-Kid ( is one such company that are dedicated to ensure safety for babies.

Safe-O-Kid is a brand of Baby Safety Inc, a research-based organization committed to make world a safer place for kids. Baby Safety Inc has dedicated itself to study of changing landscape of hazards that surround our kids and accordingly test new solutions to safeguard our children from these prevailing risks.

Our professionals have dedicated years of their life to child safety research and this is the result of their hard work that Baby Safety Inc has been able to regularly launch and update a comprehensive array of products under its brand Safe-o-Kid covering all possible aspects of a kid’s life and associated dangers.

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