Guard Rails: The Guardian Angel

The wonderful experience of raising children is the greatest joy one can feel. Every step of the journey, from the minute they are born until they are fully capable and self-reliant adults, appears almost magical. As babies, they rely on us for every waking and sleeping minute, but as they get older, their reliance on us diminishes. We learn many new facts about the human mind along the way. We assumed we were born with the ability to avoid hazards and hazardous situations; sadly, nothing could be further from the reality.

Toddlers, unlike adults, have no feeling of risk or injury. We recognise that a fall can be painful, and that inserting our hand somewhere it isn’t supposed to go can have unintended effects. We forget, however, that our parents instilled all of these values in us. We learned from our mistakes and were severely reprimanded when we engaged in dangerous behaviours. Now it is up to us to pass along this wisdom to our little tots. To ensure that they remain safe from the many risks of daily life.

Surveillance of these little munchkins around the clock, however, is nearly impossible. They are clumsy and unable to move in a coordinated manner. They fall over, injure themselves, get boo-boos, cry, and you put your work aside to appease them. They feel better, just to tumble over again. The vicious circle continues unabated. So, what are our options? Well! Baby-proofing things can be used in our houses. One that we will be discussing today is the application of window guard rails

Window Guard Rails

When your window is left open, a window rail is designed to create an artificial barrier between your youngster and the open air. Our homes have become more and more window-centric. Large, continuous glass facades that reach from ceiling to floor as well as wall to wall have replaced small, hinged and framed windows. They have a very attractive appearance and allow natural light and fresh air to enter. They maintain a comfortable inside temperature while providing a spectacular view of the outdoors. What’s the drawback? Our toddlers don’t seem to comprehend that leaning out of or standing on the window ledge is not a good idea. They see a window of opportunity! 🙂  To learn, explore, understand, and better their tiny little brains! But faultless curiosities can oft result in dreadful consequences. These window side rails can be applied onto the window and ensure that their curiosities are allowed to burgeon but with a cap on the upper limit. They form removable ‘grills’ of sorts over your window that won’t let more than a hand pass through.

Why window guard rails?

  • Imagine this. You are on an important work zoom call, one that will determine the trajectory of your career. A large bird whisks by your window and grabs your child’s attention. They are enamored but get back to building blocks. Again the bird flies by. This time your child makes up their mind, they must play with their new bird friend. They slowly shuffle towards the window and proceed to open it. The sliding windows have been recently installed and are extremely smooth. Having opened the window, they step onto the windowsill, one foot at a time, giggling all the way. They reach their hand out to call the birdie towards them and their footing weakens. They start swaying trying to maintain balance…that is when you walk in; zoom call aced! Nothing could possibly go wrong until you walked in on a sight that not even your nightmares could fathom. You run towards your munchkin and swiftly swoop them into your hands, relieved and exasperated, not knowing how to react, not knowing what could have happened, had you been a few seconds late.
  • Now, what if you had bought a safety rail for that window? Well, it would have prevented any form of imminent disaster. Your child would still be able to observe the birdie and make friends but not put themselves in the way of imminent disaster.
  • This is one of the many situations in which a window rail guard can be an invaluable asset add-on to your home.

Every thing about Window Guard Rail:

  • In short? On all of them. These are designed keeping in mind that everyone’s homes have windows in different shapes, sizes, and types.
  • Flat windows, bay windows, sliding windows, removable sliding windows, you name it and it can be protected.
  • They can be positioned horizontally or vertically based on your need and look elegant one way or the other.

Tools Needed:

Actually, nothing! They come in a free size that can extend or contract based on your need. You may even choose to cover only half the window. They come with easy installation clips that can be glued in place. Alternatively, the good old-fashioned vacuum cups can be used to keep them in place. Either way, even when significant pressure is applied, these guards are unlikely to budge from their position. With the ease of installation, all your handyman woes are gone and your child can be saved from countless dangerous possibilities.


Window side rails are made from either polycarbonate, plastic or metal. They are constructed with longevity in mind and are as such, maintenance free once installed. They are corrosion resistant and will stay in place for years. You can buy them with the intent of resuming them for baby number two and so on. So don’t you worry, this investment is one which will give you returns for years to come!

Extra Uses:

  • Even once our child outgrows the window rail, it can be kept in place for any pets that you may have. An unusually bouncy dog or an agile cat won’t be able to escape out your window again.
  • These window safety rails won’t take away from the overall beauty of your home. They are intelligently designed to blend in and appear like they were always part of the original plan. Since these are built sturdily, you can consider using them as support to grow your plants. Creepers can easily conform to the shape and you can soon have half a window covered with a majestic money plant! This way the window rail may actually add another dimension to the look of your home. Not only will you prevent unforeseen disasters but also your home’s style quotient will go up! Win-win!

Our lives have mostly conformed to an online existence as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Normal working hours have vanished, as has the trustworthiness of domestic assistance to care for our children. Our work and everyday duties fatigue us; our children, on the other hand, are kinetic energy balls who can go on and on. Your life is becoming a jumbled mess with cooking, parenting, and work. You are not alone, believe us. Countless parents are dealing with identical problems in their daily routine.

Why take a chance when there is an effective, economical, simply fixable, and simple solution? These window guard railings are logical.

Words really can’t express the usability and versatility of these archaic devices. But know this, of the thousand things that can go wrong in a day, with the purchase of this, that number will be nine hundred and ninety-nine.

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