Hygiene Factors Parents should consider while Bringing Home a New-born

Family hygiene habits are of utmost importance when it comes to ensuring safety for babies. If proper care is not taken germs can attack these little angels which their ill-equipped immune system can’t resist. Thus, the onus is on the parents to implement family hygiene habits in their home. Thus, with this piece we came-up with some family hygiene habits that parents can implement to ensure safety of their babies.

Without much ado let’s move on to those points……!

hygiene factors for babies

hygiene factors for babies


List of Hygiene Factors Parents should consider while Bringing Home a New-born:

Washing Hands: Our older always encourage us to wash our hands and this is not without reason, since, most of the germs are transferred through physical contact particularly the hands it is imperative to make hand washing a regular habit. This becomes even more necessary when you have new-born baby in your home which is vulnerable to various pesky creatures.

Changing Nappies Regularly:

Nappy changing is a regular and frequent chore that parents are supposed to do on a daily basis. While it is true that it is a daunting task, it is a compulsory family hygiene habit which parents should take seriously. Parents should change the nappy of their new-born regularly however, it should be kept in mind that they shouldn’t change a nappy on a food preparation area like kitchen otherwise it may harm those new-born.

Use Hot Water while Laundering:

Laundering is a daily chore that parents are required to do on a daily basis. It becomes even more important when you are raising kids and children. Usually parents wash baby’s clothes in cold water which can’t kill all the germs. Thus, parents should use hot water that can kill all the germs. Once again, wash your hands after doing laundry related tasks.

Sterilize Baby Equipment Regularly: No matter whether you are using a baby bottle or a baby powder packet, think for a moment how many different hands might have touched it. Experts say that baby-bottle nipples could be the biggest source of contamination and thus parents need to take enough care to ensure that each of the baby equipment is sterilized properly prior to use.

These days, Microwave Sterilizers are also available in the market that can make this work easier. In a way these microwave sterilizer is a kind of smart baby product that is built ergonomically. Means these are built after scientific study of people and their working conditions, especially done in order to improve efficiency.

Trim Your Baby’s Fingernails Regularly: Dirty nails could be the root cause of many diseases because babies are habitual of sucking fingers and hands. Thus, it is important for parents to trim fingernails of their little angels on a regular basis. These days smart nail trimmers for babies are available that are designed and built ergonomically.

Clean your baby’s ears regularly:  Infection in ears could be dangerous for babies as it may lead to formation of germs and bacteria in the ear canal. According to experts, ear infections are one of the most common reasons children are brought to a pediatrician’s office, thus, parents need to clean baby’s ears on a regular basis.

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