Some Important Questions Every First-Time Parent Asks

New born babies bring in lots of fun and excitements to parents for sure, at the same time it puts many responsibilities that parents need to shoulder consciously and wisely. Things become chaotic for those people who are first-time parents and don’t have much experience about how to take care of their new born babies. Hence, it is better to sound silly than be sorry by asking lots of questions to experts or those who have experience of handling those situations.

With this piece thus we came up with some questions that every first-time parent should ask to themselves so that they can have a smooth and joyous parenting experience.

first time parent

First Time Parent

Some Important Questions Every First-Time Parent Asks

Do I need to Baby Proof my Home?

Yes. Before delivery parents need to make their home baby-proof because babies are curious species and they would explore everything and anything that comes along the way. No matter, whether it is an electric socket, cabinet and drawer they will try to test everything that is there in the house. There are various products available in the market that can help parents make their home baby-proof. These products are specially designed for babies and could help parents make their home baby-proof. Some of the products that parents can use to baby proof their home are:

  • Corner Cushions
  • Multi-Purpose Child Safety Lock
  • Baby Carrier
  • Insulated Travel Food Jar For Babies
  • Diaper Bag
  • Baby Bather
  • Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

However, the above is not an exhaustive list and there are many more baby safety products that parents can use to make their parenting experience a better one.

How many layers of clothing does my infant need to go outside?

Dressing babies properly is an important chore that parents need to do consciously. There are different views about how to dress-up a baby. In fact babies need extra layer of protection than we do because they have an underdeveloped immune system and a tender body structure. Putting it simply parents need to dress their babies in one more layer than you have on. One additional layer of clothing would be enough and anything more than that will make them uncomfortable. For example, if you’re wearing a coat, a shirt and a trouser your baby needs those plus a blanket.

Should mother breastfeed their babies for a whole year?

According to experts, breast milk is the best food that parents can provide to their new-born babies. Mother’s breast milk is like baby’s first vaccine that contains antibodies, hormones and secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) that builds the immune system of the infant. It is recommended to breast-feed infants for 12 months.

Should parents sterilize bottles and pacifiers after every single use?

Principally yes, but since that’s not realistic for many parents as they also need to do their daily chores they should at-least wash bottles and pacifiers after each feeding. Overnight sterilization could be enough to avoid any kind of contamination.

If mothers consume alcohol, do they have to “pump and dump”?

Alcohol consumption is not advisable for mothers as alcohol can have deleterious effect on new born babies. Usually, alcohol flows into mother’s breast milk as soon as they consume it and it stays in the system for two to three hours. Thus mothers should pump and dispose of the milk to avoid engorgement.

Putting it simply, new-born babies not only brings joy to the family but also plenty of responsibilities. Thus it is important for parents particularly for the mother to get prepared before the baby comes. This becomes even more important when individuals are becoming First-Time Parent.

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