Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

Whether its summer or winter, the mosquitoes can in your home and near to your kids. Have you ever thought the deadliest insect, the mosquito, has so many interesting facts which many of you may don’t know? I am going to tell you some interesting facts about mosquito.


Female mosquito bite:

I am quite surprised that normally a female mosquito bite. Female mosquito bites on your blood for feed. This feed on female mosquito helps in develop and produce eggs.

Mosquitoes are the deadliest in the world:

Many people think that the deadliest animals are the shark, lion but the deadliest one is the mosquito because of his serious and very shocking diseases produced like malaria, dengue and many more

The live span of mosquitoes:

Normally most of the insects have a short span of life and mosquitoes also have a very short span of life. Normally mosquito has a maximum of two-month lifespan.

Mosquitoes don’t bite only human:

Most of us included me think that mosquito only a bites human being but this concept is totally different in reality. The Mosquito normally bite human being but sometimes mosquitoes also bit other living things like frogs, birds, and other animals too.

Dancing insect:

Only mosquitoes have the ability to dance, no other insect can dance like this. Normally mosquitoes dance like 80s film and I think the producer gives them a chance to dance in films. Some of the researchers discovered that before mating mosquitoes engaged themselves in a dance where they can produce sound through their wings.

Bad speed records:

Mosquitoes have a very bad record in the speed, normally a mosquitoes fly 1 to 1.5 miles per hour. If a race is conducted between different flying definitely a bad loser is mosquitoes.

High sound speed:

Mosquitoes make the best record in the sound speed and no other flying insects can break their sound records.

Beat wings 300 to 600 times:

Most interesting facts about mosquitoes is that mosquitoes bite their wings 300 to 6oo times.

There are so much to talk about and I am sure that these facts looks fun to you but not all of them. As you can see that the mosquito gives the world deadliest diseases to human. That’s why it is important for us to protect ourselves and our kids from mosquitoes. One bite of a mosquito can cause the death of our loved one.

There are both, natural and artificial options available to keep mosquitoes away from ourselves but as compare to artificial options the natural options are always best. The mosquito repellent which is not natural contains the toxin and other chemicals which can give skin allergies and cause the reaction in the eyes.

Safe-O-Kids have a verity of natural mosquito repellents which has been specially designed for the kids. Instead of sprays and creams, they have made patches, stickers, and bracelets from 100% herbal products. They do not only smell really good but can be used indoor and outdoor to keep the mosquitoes away from your kids.

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