Lightweight Stroller – Here’s What You Need To Know

Preparing for the arrival of the newest member of your home will have you list down the essentials. At some point of the time, you are going to be thinking about having stroller to take your little bundle of joy for a casual walk. When it comes to strollers, there are several choices up for grabs. Strollers come in different types which includes standard strollers and lightweight strollers. So, if you are already planning to buy a new stroller, here’s everything you need to know about lightweight stroller.

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What is a Lightweight Stroller?

As its name indicates, lightweight strollers are light in weight. Such strollers weight around 22 pounds or less and that is something which makes them a great fit for traveling. Lightweight strollers are highly portable which means they are easy to carry around. They are a perfect fit for a baby whose parents are always on the go.

The basic design includes ease to set up and fold. With that said, these strollers does not skimp on the features. Lightweight strollers differ from the regular ones on the fact that the former ones are easy to set up and does not weight heavy. Also the fact that lightweight strollers do not require huge space to store is worth mentioning here.

Why do You Need a Lightweight Stroller?

Lightweight stroller or an umbrella stroller comes with a gamut of benefits. Well, if you need some convincing reasons to know why you should pick a lightweight stroller, take a look the benefits of an umbrella stroller.


Umbrella strollers are highly portable which means that these strollers can be carried around very easily. With that said, they don’t take enough space when you want to fold and store them. So, if you are living in a small apartment, storing lightweight strollers will not be an issue.

Easy to Set Up

Knowing that lightweight strollers can be set up easily is quite comforting. This is one of the reasons why you should consider having a lightweight stroller. When you bring a new stroller at your home, you will not face any difficulty in setting up. Some of the best lightweight strollers can be set up in instantly within a minute or even less than that. This is definitely a time-save when you compare it with other models that take huge time to install. Lightweight strollers are definitely a great pick. With that said, your baby can get going as soon as possible.

Lightweight Stroller is Less Expensive

One thing about Lightweight strollers is that they are an ideal pick for those who do not want to spend a fortune on buying a strollers or are strapped on cash. These strollers are less expensive when you compare it with the the regular or standard strollers. So, the important factor to keep in mind the your budget and how much you are willing to spend on baby’s essential baby gears product. Additionally, buying a stroller that is cost-effective is a practical choice since you don’t want to have it for a long time.

Basic Features

When you are looking to buy a lightweight stroller for your baby, it is essential to look at some of the important and basic features like sun protection. Today’s best lightweight strollers comes equipped with canopy to ensure that your baby stays safe from the harmful rays of the UV or from the mosquitoes bites. Not only the lightweight strollers are affordable but also they also come equipped with basic amenities in mind.

Lightweight Stroller Buying Tips

Lightweight strollers are definitely a great pick if you are looking for a stroller for your baby. However, there are certain things that you must bear in mind when planning to buying a new baby strollers. When buying a new stroller, make sure to consider these factors:


Lightweight strollers are compact in size. However, you must make sure that how adequate the size is. If you go with a size that is too small, you may have to miss out on a bunch of features. While planning to buying a stroller for your baby, consider the size of the stroller. Choose the stroller that is neither too small nor too large.


The fact that lightweight strollers are most commonly used is because of the weight they possess. However, you must take a look at the weight of the stroller you are deciding to buy. Less weight may be accounted for it being feeble. You may find that the stroller you are planning on to buy is not sturdy, may get tipped over. Make sure that the sturdiness of the stroller is not a question.


A stroller which is versatile should be on your radar. You simply don’t want to have a stroller that is compact but does not feature basic amenities such as sun protection. And if the sun protection is available, it is a good idea to choose the one with SPF rating. The features available in the stroller must be able to cater to the needs of the users. Otherwise, there is no point having the such features.


Another thing to keep in mind while buying a lightweight stroller is the duration of your trip. You need to find answer for how long will you be using a stroller. What is the average duration of your trip? Along with that, take into consideration if you are planning on run errands. This will help you in finding the best lightweight stroller. If your trip includes going out for hours, you want to ensure that the little guy should feel comfortable. It is a good idea to to pick a stroller that features reclining seat so that they can cozy.

Essentially, the longer you are going to be out, the more features you should look for. It will make the trip pleasing for both – parents and kids. Along with that you must consider the frequency of your trips to help you narrow down your choices.


Knowing your budget can help you narrow down your choices. Budget remains an important consideration no matter what you are planning to buy. Lightweight stroller comes at different price tags. The more features you want, the more you will have to pay for it. Once you have decided the duration, frequency, you may have gotten the idea of what features you want in your little baby’s strollers.


Finding an umbrella stroller that’s perfect fit is an arduous task especially when all the options available look identical. To ensure that you are happy with your decision, you may need to dig a little into the choices that are up for grabs.

Safe-O-kid is one of the destinations where you can find all the baby gears at an incredible price. No matter what you are looking for or what your budget is, you can happily make your choice from the array of products available. This includes lightweight strollers as well.

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