Why do Mosquito Bites Itch? Tips for Itch Relief in Babies

In this article, you will know what mosquito bites are and why do they have an itching effect? Apart from this you will also be able to know  the reasons of mosquito bite itches and how can babies be relieved from these itches when mosquito bites.

Mosquito’s bites cause bumps that appear on any person/babies skin. Mosquitoes use their mouth parts and puncture your skin and also feed bumps in your blood and when this blood circulates in your body then itches appear in your skin. These itches vanishes after some day of their own without out using any medicine.


Preventions of mosquito bites:

There could be many reasons for the appearance of red-coloured itches and simply by avoiding mosquitoes we can avoid them from appearing.

  • Stay away from mosquitoes
  • When mosquitoes are more active at that time avoid outdoor activities
  • Repair tears on the screens of the windows and doors
  • Don’t allow water to be stored anywhere or near your dwelling space
  • When sleeping outdoor you should use mosquito nets to prevent from mosquito bites
  • Use mosquito repellent
  • For preventing from severe itches due to mosquito bites you should use medicines also

There are many methods to relieve babies from itches that are as follows:

There are many natural remedies which are helpful for relieving babies from itching that caused due to mosquito bites. In the initial stages. These remedies are as follows:

  • Apply some spoons of vinegar in bath water or apply some amount of vinegar on the infected area
  • You can relieve from bites itches by rubbing any soap on infected area of your baby’s skin
  • You can relieve your baby by applying some neem or peppermint toothpaste on it
  • Use a little amount of raw honey on infected part of your baby skin
  • Take salt put some water for making a paste and then apply that paste directly on mosquito bite to relieve your babies from developing  itches
  • On the affected area of mosquito bites apply some drops of lemon juice

Some mosquito bites cause bumps and itchiness on the skin and sometimes it cause much serious illness so you can use these remedies to relief from itches and bumps and these remedies are easily available at your homes.

Other than this, prevention from mosquito bites can be done simply by using mosquito repellents made from natural products. Sure, one can go with the unnatural mosquito repellent too but they contain side effects because majority of them contain DEET and alcohol.

Safe-o-Kid is an online Indian store who has different types of natural mosquito repellent. Instead of using oil ways of making mosquito repellent they are selling bands, roller, spray, and patches to keep the mosquito away from human. They have made their repellent in these shapes to make them kids friendly.

Their repellents are made from 100% natural computation and free from DEET where they can be used both indoor and outdoor equally. The main ingredients of their natural mosquito repellent are clove oil, citronella oil, mint oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil and lavender oil. This makes their repellents 100% safe for kids and 100% effective and zero side effects.

About Safe-O-Kid Mosquito Repellant Products (A Part of Baby Safety Inc)

Safe-O-Kid range of mosquito repellent products is the safest way to protect little ones from mosquito bites both inside the house and outside. The products are designed especially for kids and are tested by international experts for lasting effectiveness and zero side effects.

Being a brand totally dedicated to children’s safety, Safe-O-Kid does NOT use any ingredients harmful for kids (No Eucalyptus extracts and No DEET/ Picardin/Alcohol like chemicals) as such ingredients might interfere with child’s nervous and respiratory systems and cause discomfort or severe side effects like seizures.

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