Mosquito Stickers and Newborns: What’s the Truth?

You and your children will spend more time outside when the winter weather ends and the weather outside starts to warm up. The mosquito, a year-round warm-season pest, will also be out and about looking to bite you and your children as the weather gets warmer. There are numerous reasons to keep you and your kids safe from mosquito bites, but selecting and using the wrong repellent can be difficult and requires constant reapplication. You must therefore use a repellent that is completely natural and has a long duration. Because of this, employing mosquito stickers to repel mosquitoes throughout the summer can be a game-changer.

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Why Use Mosquito stickers On Your Babies?

The primary goal of applying mosquito stickers to infants is disease prevention. More people die each year from diseases spread by mosquitoes than from any other insect, as they are known to spread a wide range of unpleasant infections. In addition, viruses and protozoan illnesses that are contagious among humans are spread by mosquitoes.

These diseases include:

  • Malaria
  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue
  • Yellow Fever
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis
  • Louis Encephalitis
  • LaCrosse Encephalitis
  • Western Equine Encephalitis
  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika Virus

When traveling out of the country you should check out  CDC Travelers’ Health. The CDC Travelers’ Health will give you information on any destination where you might have a problem with mosquitos and diseases.

Help With Skin Irritations

A mosquito bite can give your baby an adverse skin reaction in addition to the serious risk of them developing a lethal protozoal or viral disease. Additionally, the mosquito’s saliva, which is utilised to temporarily numb the victim’s skin while the insect sucks blood, is the cause of this severe skin rashes. Additionally, the victim of the mosquito bite has an itchy, red bump on their skin as a result of this allergic reaction. Therefore, mosquito stickers are a one-stop shop for all issues. In addition to being effective against diseases like dengue and malaria, they also eliminate the need for irritating anti-mosquito medicines.

Safer Than Sprays For Your Baby

Look for mosquito stickers that do not use any ingredients harmful to babies. Moreover, make sure to check the composition, approval, and longevity before buying.

Harmful ingredients for babies include –

  • Eucalyptus extracts
  • DEET
  • Picardin
  • Alcohol like chemicals

The importance of avoiding these components cannot be emphasised enough because they may interfere with or harm your infant or child’s nervous and respiratory systems. In addition to interfering with physiological systems, they have an effect on children’s immune systems. At best, these chemicals can be uncomfortable; at worst, they can have serious side effects like seizures. Stickers like those offered by Safe-O-Mos employ properly mixed natural substances that have been thoroughly studied.

Comfortable For Your Baby

Mosquito stickers don’t smell bad and won’t make your baby more allergic than they already are. Additionally, there are Stickers that can be attached to a bracelet, saving you the trouble of applying the patch to your baby’s skin.

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Mosquito Stickers: What to Remember?

  • Do not use products that combine sunscreen with DEET which generally reduces the efficiency of sun protection factor (SPF). This implies that you may have to apply more sunscreen to give protection from sunlight. This is allowed for adults but for kids, it may overexpose them to DEET, which is harmful to their skin.
  • Study the safety information instructions and label on the packaging of the repellent patches. This will let you know what was used in making the repellent and whether it is safe for the health of kids.
  • Do not apply mosquito repellent around wounds and cuts as it may enter the body.
  • Always keep a mosquito repellent and the outer packaging away from the reach of kids.
  • Stop the usage of mosquito repellent immediately if you doubt that the baby is developing an allergy towards it.

Our Safe-O-Mos products are Naturally Safe (No DEET, No Harmful Chemicals, No Picardin, no Alcohol). Safe-O-Mos mosquito repellent bands are the surest way to protect little kids from mosquito bites when they are outside the home and when they are inside. Our products are specially designed for kids and have been tested by international experts and have been proven to have zero side effects and lasting effectiveness.

As a brand wholly specialized in children’s safety, the Safe-O-Mos does NOT contain any ingredient that is inimical to kids (No DEET/ Alcohol/ Picardin like chemicals and No Eucalyptus extracts) as such chemicals might inhibit the child’s respiratory and nervous systems thereby cause intense side effects such as seizures or discomfort.

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Where can your baby use the Mosquito Stickers?

Anti-mosquito stickers have the advantage that you can use them everywhere. The stickers are hilarious, attractive, and simple to use. They are made to keep your kid away from any mosquito bites, which can be very beneficial over time. Therefore, anti-mosquito stickers are simple to use at home, outside, when camping, etc. You have complete discretion over when and how to utilise the stickers, and the options are endless.

They also have a very lengthy lifespan. Depending on the item you buy, most anti-mosquito stickers typically last for at least 1-3 days. Amazingly, your infant will gain a vast array of advantages from this. This way you know that your baby is safe and there are no potential infections to deal with.

Anti-mosquito stickers are quite inexpensive because they come in a big pack. If you apply the stickers sequentially, you can typically protect your infant for a few months with a single pack. So certainly, buying the anti-mosquito stickers is a really wise decision that will pay off handsomely in the long run.

Can Anti-mosquito stickers be helpful for your baby?

The anti-mosquito stickers perform incredibly well, especially during the first 12 hours, because they are made to be quite effective. Your baby still receives a lot of protection, even though the impact does eventually wear off a little. That alone is really astounding. These stickers won’t scratch or have any negative side effects, either. They are absolutely safe for your child to use and quite simple to utilise. That makes them an excellent investment, particularly if you struggle to keep mosquitoes away from your child constantly.

You may note that many of the anti-mosquito stickers you buy also have a natural, enticing scent, depending on the ones you buy. This indicates that your baby will get along with them and even take pleasure in them. Ultimately, anti-mosquito stickers can be employed to provide astounding benefits and a positive experience to the front. The anti-mosquito stickers are a great investment because they are made to provide value and effectiveness without being too pricey. If you want to keep your infant secure at all times, you should think about buying these stickers. They are after all portable, so you can use them outside or on a lengthy journey. You won’t regret buying anti-mosquito stickers because your baby’s safety is important.

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DEET and DEET free:

The majority of insect and mosquito repellents include the active ingredient/chemical N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, often known as DEET or diethyltoluamide. The active component was created during World War II and registered for use by the general public in 1957. The mosquito senses are effectively paralysed by DEET, which is made from coal tar. It threatens both the environment and the human body because it is a synthetic chemical and a strong solvent.

What do you mean by DEET free?

For the simple reason that the environment rewards us with interest, the globe is attempting to go green. Politicians and society have changed their views on the environment as a result of the deteriorating environmental conditions. There was a time when DEET-based insect repellents were popular, but nowadays people are turning to DEET-free repellents that are equally powerful and safe for the environment and human health. This is a blatant indication that societies have realised the value of a secure, natural setting.

This approach becomes even more important when we deal with safety of babies. Every product that we use needs to be looked at through the angle of baby safety because they might have a deleterious effect on the child’s body in long run. Safe-o-Kid, is a baby safety company that has tried to address this issue and thus has come-up with safe and natural mosquito repellents for babies that are built after consultations with child-experts.

Why is DEET harmful?

With many mosquito repellent products available on the market, every parent should know about the ingredients used, especially DEET. DEET is a mosquito repellent chemical which was first registered in 1957 for use. It is a synthetic chemical which is derived from coal tar and is known for its high capability of repelling insects. DEET is the short form of its chemical name, N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide which has a characteristic faint odor and is nearly colorless in its liquid form. The product was first invented for use for US army in 1946. After this it became available for public use in 1947 for adults as well as children. It was used for personal use and applied directly on the skin for repelling insects.

Mosquito repellents mainly have DEET, and it is seen that more than 30% Americans slather it on their skin. This chemical resists biting insects such as ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, etc. It is in use for past 40 years by millions of years to reduce the risk of mosquito bites and fleas. Moreover, the products made of DEET are available in many forms. Such as lotions, aerosol, pump sprays, gels and creams.

Mosquitoes and other blood-sucking bites come towards the host from their body odor. They also come close by sensing carbon-dioxide that we breathe out. When a person applies DEET insect repellant over their skin and the insect approaches, it confuses the sensors of the insect and repels them. These formulations work over a short distance, and hence you may find several insects buzzing near you. Until and unless they bite you there is no need to apply more of the repellent formulation.

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DEET and the babies:

DEET is a chemical compound of toluene family and hence is an organic solvent. By organic solvent, we mean that it is absorbable by the skin. Various studies in the US shows that about 56 percent of the DEET applied to the skin is absorbed. And about 17 percent of it is further absorbed in the blood stream. If applied over the stomach area, it can also be absorbed by the gut. In other words, DEET is not quite safe for use, especially for children. Read on to know the effects of DEET. DEET is neurotoxic, which means it may negatively affect a baby’s developing neurological system.

  • DNA damage and negative mutations may result from it.
  • Negative environmental effects may result.
  • Can hurt a baby’s muscles and joints.
  • It might make you weak.
  • May result in momentary numbness.
  • can lead to confusion
  • can impair memory

Nervous System

The adverse effect on the nervous system of children is the most serious concern. This harmful chemical compound deteriorates the standard functioning of a child’s brain. While treating animals with DEET it was seen that it severely affects their neurological behaviour and muscle coordination. Many children who were exposed to DEET in significant amount have been reported of memory seizure and neurological disorders.

Skin and mucous-membrane ailments

Frequent and long exposure to DEET formulations over skin can result in inflammation, numbness or burning of lips, skin irritation, rashes and difficulty in concentrating. Studies reveal that children of about 6 to 10 years of age are more prone to catching skin ailments than adults.

Respiratory Disorders

If sensitive children get an exposure to a substantial amount of DEET formulations they are likely to have respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc. Even though it helps in repelling mosquitoes, DEET has many adverse effects on the health and is not safe for use, especially for children. Always Use DEET Free Mosquito Repellent Products.

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How Safe-O-Kid provides a Wide Range of Newborn products that Ensures Newborn Safety?

Babies need extra care and if you are worried about the health of your babies, Safe-o-Kid is there to take your burden out. Safe-O-Kid is a brand of Baby Safety Inc, a research-based organization committed to make world a safer place for kids.

Baby Safety Inc has dedicated itself to study of changing landscape of hazards that surround our kids and accordingly test new solutions to safeguard our children from these prevailing risks.

Our professionals have dedicated years of their life to child safety research and this is the result of their hard work that Baby Safety Inc has been able to regularly launch and update a comprehensive array of baby-proofing products under its brand Safe-o-Kid covering all possible aspects of a kid’s life and associated dangers.

As parents if you are struggling to manage time between your daily chores and caring babies these above baby safety products could waive-off some of your burdens. Safe-o-Kid ( is one such company that are dedicated to ensure safety for babies.

Safe-O-Kid is a brand of Baby Safety Inc, a research-based organization committed to make world a safer place for kids. Baby Safety Inc has dedicated itself to study of changing landscape of hazards that surround our kids and accordingly test new solutions to safeguard our children from these prevailing risks.

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