7 Newborn Baby Essentials Every Mom Should Buy

Are you going to have a new family member soon? If yes, you must have questions like, “What to buy for a newborn baby?” or you might be searching for the best baby products list for the newborn. Well, as a mother it is normal to get a little worried about the upcoming changes. There are so many newborn baby essentials that you must stock up before the delivery. But, don’t worry as this article will take you through all the essential things to add to your new born baby items list. Based on these suggestions, you can make a new born baby items list by including the most essential things a newborn baby needs.

Key Points to Consider Before Buying Newborn Baby Essentials

  1. Make sure that the newborn baby stuff is 100% BPA-free and made of non-toxic material.
  2. The newborn baby items should be made up of eco-friendly and high-quality silicon.
  3. Also, the newborn baby items should be breathable and have a soft texture. Such products are considered best for newborn babies because they allow the newborn to breathe and do not affect the infant’s sensitive skin.
  4. Keep the safety, convenience, and comfort of the newborn on the top of your priority list.

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What to buy for a new born baby?

If you are struggling to decide on newborn baby stuff, then work not. Here is a newborn baby items list to make it easier

An All in One Bottle Feeding Set

This one is something that the baby needs and one of the best products for newborn babies. A 360-degree bottle feeding set is a must-buy for every new parent as it serves the purpose of making the feeding easy and fun.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Bottle Feeding Set

  • Your bottle feeding set should consist of Silicon-based feeding bottles, a 360-degree no-spill bowl, and a cleaning brush set.
  • A cleaning brush set is essential to ensure the hygiene of the feeding bottle. While cleaning the feeding bottle, use newborn safe washing agents.
  • Moreover, make sure that your feeding set includes a spoon feeder. A silicone spoon feeder is a mess-free way for feeding your semi-solids even while traveling.
  • Having an all-in-one bottle feeding set will also save you from the constant spoon and bowl fight with your newborn.
  • A heat-sensitive bottle cover is also an amazing product to add to your new born baby items list. The bottle cover protects the bottle from drops and knocks. The silicone bottle covers come with gripping that baby needs to make a firm grip while feeding.

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Bed Rail Guards

 Ensuring the safety of the newborn at all times and every corner of your house is really important. The bed is one such place as infants tend to spend most of their time sleeping. So, safety proofing of the baby’s bed space is something that the baby needs. This is where bed safety bed rail guards come in handy. You can install these rail guards yourself and safety-proof the sleeping area.  

Points to Consider to Buy the Best Bed Rail Guards

  • While buying a bed rail guard, make sure that you buy good quality and tear-proof options.
  • Also, buy a rail guard with completely washable fabric and is easy to install.
  • High enough rail guards are crucial to prevent babies from falling and bearing the weight of leaning babies.
  • Bed rail guards are an excellent option for ensuring a night of safe and calm sleep for your infant.

Pet Safety Fence

If you have furry friends at home, then it may get tough to ensure the baby’s safety. A good pet safety fence will prevent the pets from having access to a specific area of the house. A pet safety gate acts as an enclosure to make your doorway, hallways, and staircase safe for the toddler and pet.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Pet Safety Fence

  • The pet safety fence should be durable and sturdy as to endure the pets’ claws.
  • Buy an easy-to-install and portable fence to use wherever and whenever needed. Easy to install and remove fences are best as you can simply pull the fence to any required width as per your need. Also, such fences save space as they can be retracted when not in use.

A Complete Bathing Set

Bathing your newborn is essential to maintain hygiene and eliminate the risk of infections. Thus, a bathing kit must be there in your new born baby items list. Some of the bathing-related things for your newborn baby include a good quality bathtub, a thermometer to check the temperature, a shampoo hat, a hair washing cup, etc.

Here is why you need bathing set for your toddler:

  • While putting together a baby bathing kit, a bathtub is a basic baby bathing product that you must have in your baby bath set. Accurate size and non-slippery bathtubs make bathing sessions easier as well as enjoyable.
  • Baby Bath seat Supports are extremely useful to ensure the baby’s safety during bath. As babies are small and slippery, bathing gets difficult and risky. A bath seat support holds the baby in the bathtub without the fear of slipping out.
  • No matter which baby shampoo you use to shampoo your baby’s hairs, there are high chances of eye infections in infants and toddlers. This is why a safety hat to protect your baby’s eyes from chemicals in shampoos is a must-buy. An eye-safety shampoo hat is truly one of the best baby bath products in India.
  • Infants and even toddlers are ultra-sensitive to changes in temperature. The reason for high susceptibility is that their immunity is still at a building stage. Thus, it is necessary to check the temperature of the bathwater before bathing. Thus, a digital thermometer is a necessary investment to ensure that the room and warm water temperature are at optimum levels.
  • Maintaining hygiene has an important role in maintaining health especially for newborns. Along with using a tear-free formula-based baby wash & shampoo, you should also use a hair washing cup. It is a great product to add to your baby’s bathing kit to ensure a cleansing hair wash and keep their hair soft.

Child Walking Harness Safety Belt

As babies start crawling and learn to walk, they need support through the learning process. Therefore, a harness safety belt is a great option that helps in not only ensuring safety but also provides the necessary support to babies while they learn to walk. Good quality walking harness belt will help the toddler in building his ability to stand and eventually walk. The baby will also learn to balance and walk more confidently. For parents, it ensures comfort and prevents backaches as they no longer have to bend to hold the child.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Child Walking Harness Safety Belt

  • Make sure that the harness is comfortable and does not reduce the space for the toddler’s movement. Also, make sure that the harness does not tug or twist the baby’s arms.
  • Besides, the harness should have adjustable straps and safety buckles to reduce backaches from bending over and can be used even when the baby gets a bit old while learning to walk.
  • The harness should be breathable with strong air permeability so that the toddler does not feel strangled.
  • A good walking harness belt will allow the baby to learn to walk naturally without the risk of falls and injuries making it one of the most desired newborn baby essentials.

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Baby Stroller

A strong and sturdy baby stroller is one of the best newborn baby essentials to invest in for enhancing the baby’s portability and baby safety. Not only does it help to take the baby’s weight off you, but also it makes moving around convenient. Along with convenience, good quality and a comfortable baby stroller is imperative for both the pusher and passenger.

Points to Consider to Buy the Best Baby Stroller

  • To ensure comfort, make sure to purchase a stroller with soft cushioned seats for the baby. The stroller should have multi-positioning options for the baby so that the baby can be seated according to the mood, be it active, relaxed, or sleepy.
  • The stroller should have an adjustable footrest for easy movement of the footrest.
  • Moreover, there are strollers available in the market with a reversible handlebar that allows you to position the baby either facing you or facing the front while riding.
  • A stroller with an extendable canopy protects from harsh sunlight and drizzles while strolling.
  • Also, choosing a long-term stroller that can accommodate your baby’s weight even when he gets a bit older is the wise option to go for.  
  • Most importantly, the stroller should ensure the utmost safety to hold the baby securely. The strollers that come with safety harnesses are the best options. Along with harnesses, the stroller should have single-step operation brakes to stop the stroller immediately when needed.
  • To ensure convenience, a baby stroller that comes with extra pockets to keep essential items is suitable.
  • Foldable strollers are the best as they do not take up much space and are travel-friendly as well.

A Multi-Purpose Portable Closet to Store Newborn Baby Essentials

With a newborn, numerous items for babies ranging from products for grooming, bathing, playing, and feeding gets stocked up. A sturdy and spacious yet portable closet is a must-have to store all newborn baby essentials. While buying a closet, make sure that it is portable, easy to carry, and has enough space so that you can use it for long-term storage needs. Also, a closet gets important to make sure that all the newborn baby items stay safe from infection.

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