Non Toxic Ways to Protect your Babies from Bugs

Non toxic ways to protect your babies from bugs! If this is something you are wondering about then this article could be useful as it explains how we can protect them from hazardous chemicals like DEET, and Picardin.

Babies need extra care and protection because they have an immune system that is immature and not fully functional. When it comes to protecting babies, safeguarding them from tiny bugs is something that tops our priorities. These pesky creatures can cause host of diseases to your lovely kids and thus you need to avoid bugs in the first place so that your little angels do not become a bug buffet.

With the growing demand of ready-made products parents these days are inclined towards buying baby care products that can save their babies from these tiny culprits, without assessing if the product contains toxic chemicals that can cause immense harm to  the delicate body of babies. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommend that most of the insect repellents contain DEET, Picardin, Alcohol or other toxic chemicals which should be avoided.

So, the obvious question that pops up at our mind is, if, we can protect babies from bugs without exposing them to a raft of toxic chemicals? The good news is ‘yes’, provided we are willing to invest some of our precious time in caring our little angels who need extra care and protection.

This article describes some of the non-toxic ways to protect your babies from bugs. Without much ado let’s know how.


Non-Toxic ways to protect your Babies from Bugs

Use anti-mosquito/anti-bugs bands- Rather than applying mosquito repelling sprays or bug repelling sprays we should use natural mosquito repelling bands for babies. These bands are easy to use, as, you can simply put it on the wrist of the baby without having to spray anything directly on their delicate skin. The best part of these bands is that they are devoid of any kind of hazardous chemicals like DEET, Picardin or Alcohol that can have a deleterious effect on your baby’s body.

Keep baby’s skin covered while you are in outdoors: Another effective way to keep your babies away from these tiny harmful creatures is by covering their body parts with long sleeves pants and shirts. Parents need to ensure that while going outdoors the exposed parts of babies are covered completely this can help you protect your baby’s delicate organs from being a bug buffet.

Plant mosquito repelling herbs at your yard and/or garden: Do you know, simply by planting some herbs you can keep bugs and mosquitoes at bay. If not then try cultivating some of the below mentioned herbs at your garden, yard or inside the room and you will find that these plants are helping you keeping these pesky creatures from your dwelling space to a great extent. Experts believe that these plants secrete some natural chemicals that keep mosquitoes and other bugs out of the place where they are planted.

Below is the list of those plants that you can choose from:

  • Citronella
  • Lemon Balm
  • Catnip
  • Marigolds
  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Garlic
  • Penny-royal
  • Rosemary

 Avoid buggy areas: Bugs love to grow on areas that are humid, dirty and contain stagnant water. Some common examples of such places are pools of stagnant water, spaces having dumped garbage, planes with high-long grasses and dense plants. Thus, if you want to save your little ones from becoming a bug buffet then avoid venturing into these buggy areas with your baby.

Give baby a bath after every outside trip: Babies have those delicious chubby legs that parents love … and ticks love too. They’re always looking for the warm, moist areas of the human body, and the folds in a chubby baby’s skin are right up their alley. So check EVERYWHERE. You need to wash any insect repellent off your baby as soon as you can so it doesn’t spend too much time on the skin.

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