Safety nets, buh-bye threats!

The miracle of life — babies! They are adorable and their warm hugs make even the saddest days feel light and perfect. Their giddy laughter, small chubby digits, and wide gaze are part of their charm. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that isn’t in love with babies and their cute antics.

However, despite being squishy goofballs, they are ultimately children. And if there is one thing we know about them, it is that they will find some means or method to harm themselves, no matter how vigilant you are. Don’t feel bad! It’s not just you. Every parent wakes up every morning to fight an uphill battle with their child’s urge to destroy and hurt. It is unintentional of course, but it is a problem. Well, our end goal as parents and guardians is to protect and preserve them. It is to win the war against clumsiness.

Today we will be discussing. A product that will not only help you win every battle but also help you win the war! The essence of toddlers is their ability to explore. In fact, your tot is no lesser than Christopher Columbus. They are discovering a whole new world for the self on their own two feet. Items that look mundane and boring to us, enthrall the toddlers; drawers, toilets, cutlery, socks, the list goes on and on. Many of them would be seeing these items for the first time in their lives and processing myriads of thoughts in their tiny little brains one at a time.

But their brains’ wants are seldom matched by their bodies’ capabilities. While they may want to run at their top speed everywhere, their legs sometimes don’t land on the ground correctly. They fall. They get hurt. They cry. You satiate them with love and sweets. They run. They fall. On goes the vicious cycle. Sometimes, these innocent falls and learning opportunities can lead to catastrophic consequences. While our bones are strong and skull sturdy, their bones are still fusing and their heads are still soft! A simple injury can have painful, harmful, and long-lasting effects.

So today let us talk about child safety nets. Their uses, how they can be reused, and why you should buy one for the safety of your toddler as soon as possible.

What is a child safety net?

It is a meshwork of fibers, intertwined into one another to form a near-transparent well-being protector. Comprende? Don’t worry, it’s basically a net with varying gaps that will ensure your child doesn’t fall through if they accidentally get into an area of your home that they shouldn’t be in. It forms a pseudo-wall-like structure that will protect your child even if you miss one of their silly shenanigans.

Will this child safety net hurt our children?

These safety nets have been specifically designed for children and to brace their fall if it does so happen. The fibers are specifically chosen such that they don’t cause any harm to the child. The nets once constructed have passed through the strongest quality control protocols which routinely reject pieces not up to the mark. So don’t you worry! These are perfectly safe and can be used around children.

What materials are child safety nets constructed from?

Various materials of differing tensile strengths can be used to construct these nets. Polypropylene, jute, natural fibers, rayon, polyethylene, nylon, etc. However, the ones made for baby proofing purposes are constructed to be rigid yet soft. The materials are sometimes color-coded to add some whim to an otherwise drab piece of hardware. Contrasting colors are good for developing brains because they stimulate the cortices very effectively. The nets depending on their purpose can also be made water-resistant, so you can use them as a tarp over your swimming pool as well, without the fear of fungus or moss formation along the knots. Nobody wants green water in our pools, do we?

What are the applications of the child safety nets in our homes?

  • Safety nets for stairs – Stairs are a very common feature found almost everywhere. A convenient invention by humankind that helped us reach great heights easily, literally. Climbing stairs is a piece of cake, isn’t it? Actually not! We have also fumbled with stairs in our childhood and sometimes even as adults. Even if the individual stair height is off by a few centimeters, a person can easily trip. So if it is such a challenge for us, imagine the nightmare it creates for our kids? Without assistance, they will find it very difficult, at least initially. We may not always be around to linger around and monitor their shenanigans, and let’s face it, their curiosity usually trumps their sense of fear. A safety net can be installed at the top and bottom of the stairs and around the banisters of the stairs. This will essentially cut access to the stairs from your toddler. The net is tightly woven and semi-transparent. So getting through is next to impossible and if they try, you can clearly see what they’re up to.
  • Child safety net for pool – We adore our lavish, blue, and clean pools don’t we? What a great way to decompress after a long day! A way to get away from the intense tropical summer heat. But what if your child wanders away from you and towards the pool? What if they manage to fall inside…the very thought is macabre. Pool nets are a simple yet brilliant way to prevent a catastrophe from befalling your family. They cover the entire surface of the pool and are meshed such that no more than a hand or foot can pass through them. Even if your baby manages to escape unnoticed, they will be unable to submerge themselves in the water. The splashing sounds they make with their hands or feet is enough to alert you. Two purposes solved with one easy tool!
  • Safety nets for balcony India – Our large windows let in fresh and crisp cool air from the outside. They promote ventilation and keep the air circulated at all times. We love these windows. The children, however? Well, for them they are literally windows of opportunity. With a passing plane or a bird, they may venture closer and closer to the ledge to explore. If they manage to step onto the ledge…well we don’t need to go on, do we? These nets can be placed on half or full windows and form a pseudo wall for your balcony. It can be held in place using hooks or with cable ties along with the grill. These are designed using translucent materials so your view of the outside is not obscured, neither is the wind broken. Your child won’t be able to escape the net and your view remains perfect. Win-win.
  • Child safety rail net – Railings have several purposes, but the main one is to prevent items or people from falling through. As adults, we are much larger and the gaps in between those railings have been designed keeping us in mind. Our tiny tots can easily squeeze their way through. While this may be a fun party trick, for them, it can be potentially damaging. If the railing separates floors, they may fall onto the lower story. If the railing is alongside a staircase, they can get weirdly tangled and/or fall. The possibilities are endless and each result is more painful than the previous. These nets can be wrapped along or around the railings and can prevent booboos from happening unnecessarily. This way the safety net child protection device can be employed.

Children are inept little goofballs that keep us entertained on a minute basis. Their antics and uncoordinated movements just make our affection towards them grow tenfold. They are truly magical…and sometimes highly self-destructive. While we have figured out the goods and bad, the ‘oops’ and ‘ahs’ of life, they are still assessing as well as finding their bearings. Keeping a constant lookout and preventing every single ouchie is next to impossible. Our lives have evolved as times have changed, then why shouldn’t our baby-proofing strategies?

But, we can always employ these babyproofing devices in our homes and make them safer for our children. Highest on your priority list? Child safety nets. They are affordable, easy to install, maintain free, and extremely effective. They prevent countless cuts and bumps, but have also been known to save lives! Children have been saved from a potentially fatal fall with the employ of this device. Using this device you can have some peace of mind to decompress and be assured that at least one of the large many possibilities of injury have all but been eliminated. The best part? These can be stored and reused in the future for child number two and so on; they can also be repurposed to cordon off areas of your home from your pets. Since they are made from waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials, they will never weaken. This product basically sells itself. Get your safety net today. You can thank us later!

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