The Importance of Hygiene for Baby Accessories and A Silent Hero!

Have you heard of the proverb – “Hygiene is two-thirds of Health”, if we being adults are paranoid about hygiene and health then when it comes to the bubs, we truly have to do our best to keep all their stuff and surroundings hygienic to keep them healthy. The topmost priority towards a child’s health should be their personal hygiene. Keeping them safe and feeding the little one is not the only concern parents need to think about, rather safeguarding them from ailments and infections in this delicate period of life is equally vital.

At this tender age, their immunity levels are exceptionally sensitive, allowing them to take on any transitory sicknesses and viruses. Kids carry a lot of dust unintentionally through their legs and hands which can be a cause for allergies as well. These germs and viruses are easily and quickly transferable to other people. As parents, there are a few basic precautions that can be taken at home to keep the babies surrounding hygienic such as –

  • cleaning or swabbing the floor of the house.
  • make sure to keep the baby’s room clean twice a day.
  • personal hygiene like washing hands before and after meals, after outdoor play, after visiting the washroom, taking care of pets, etc.
  • keep the house ventilated in order to get fresh air as well as sunlight into the house.
  • store the baby’s clothes neatly and separately in another wardrobe.

All the items in the house that are used by the baby have to be hygienic and sterilized if required. At all stages of a child’s development, to reduce any possible infections, washing of hands has to be a priority to implement hygiene in their lives. All the feeding equipment used by the baby such as feeding bottles, spoons, teethers, sippers, feeding bottles, teats for the bottles, etc. should be sterilized after every use. The baby’s diapers need to be changed quite often as the probability of getting infections through the feces and urine are the most. The play area and the toys of the baby need to be kept clean often as they practically live with them more than the family members.

There are a lot of baby products that parents buy to keep up the hygiene in a child. Make sure to invest in cotton balls muslin towels to clean and wipe a baby’s eyes to protect them from eye infections and to clean the back of the child’s ears to avoid any fungus by the water left behind after a shower. Never stick anything into the ears of babies as it could turn out to be dangerous and cause hearing impairment. Muslin towels are to pat dry baby’s wet hair and also to clean their mouth after their feed as infants are too small to use tongue cleaners and brushes.

That makes an addition to the next thing on the list for toddlers – toothbrush and tongue cleaner. Brushing teeth and cleaning the tongue has to be the first in the morning routine for personal hygiene. Nail clippers or scissors are also a must on the list for personal hygiene products. Cutting children’s nails has to be done time and again as all germs and dirt get stuck in the nails which in turn goes into the baby’s tummy as they eat with the same hands. After every visit to the washroom, the genitals need to be washed with water and wiped with a soft cloth to keep them away from infections.

In case of an emergency to use the washroom outdoors, then parents need to use wet wipes and sanitizers that are free of chemicals else they tend to get rashes and skin allergies. Use a separate hairbrush or comb for the babies as their scalp is tender and sensitive which could contract infections very soon. Use a bulb syringe to clear the mouth and nose of the baby in case the baby has a cold and also ensure to clean and sterilize the bulb after every use.

The number of feeding products a baby requires and uses is so vast that once you sterilize them and keep them for drying in the kitchen, you realize that your kitchen looks like a big mess or chaos. And what about hygiene then? Well, this is when bottle drying racks are helpful and answers to the hygiene part as all the feeding accessories are found in one spot keeping the kitchen clean and under control. Bottle drying racks are exclusively meant for baby trappings so that the accessories dry fast without them being knocked down and not getting mingled up without the other regular dishes and crockery.

Bottle drying racks are extremely useful but completely underrated. These have several uses for the parents making life a lot more simplified. It might give the impression of a pointless luxury yet parents who use it totally count on it.

There are quite a few benefits of owning this convenient product.

  • Multipurpose – I would say do not go by its name, bottle drying rack, these are appropriate not only for bottles but for all the other things too that go into the baby’s mouth such as teethers, pacifiers, teats, sippers, cups, spoons, etc. After washing all these baby accessories, they can be kept for drying in the rack before using them again when asked for.
  • Exclusive – the biggest plus point of the rack is that all baby accessories can be kept separated from the dishes used by all at home. This will nullify the confusion and chaos of looking for baby gears when the baby is howling due to hunger. Placing the accessories, a baby uses separately in one area also makes the kitchen look tidier and more accessible.
  • Space Required – these racks do not take up a lot of space on the kitchen platform. It can be placed at any corner of the kitchen counter. They are compact enough to not come in the way while cooking for the baby or for the family and make it easily accessible when it is just around the corner.
  • Stable and Spacious – it is designed as such that it can accommodate quite a few accessories at the same time. Even though you place more than a few items for drying, the rack remains stable and sturdy. It will not tumble off with the weight of the baby accessories.
  • Ease of Cleaning – there is already a whole lot of cleaning to be done after feeding the baby, it is going to be frustrating if the rack also needs to be washed in detail to keep it clean. Luckily that’s not the case. These racks are very easy to wash and not at all time-consuming.
  • Attractive – as a parent, you always look for the best and the cutest stuff for your baby. These racks are also available in pretty colors and do not have an ugly look too. They surely do not hurt the eye but are easy on them.
  • Material – after spending on any accessory, you expect the quality to be good enough. These racks are made of sturdy and long-lasting plastic, ensure that they are not of cheap quality. As they are to be used for baby products, it is definitely made of non-toxic material.
  • Drying rods – you need to ensure that the ends of the drying rods are not sharp to scratch and spoil the objects put on it for drying. The ends should be blunt and covered up so that it does not become a breeding space for germs.

These racks, along with their unique design, are amazingly good at drying out the accessories. All smaller items such as teats, pacifiers, and teethers can be placed at the bottom flat surface which looks like a tray. All the heavier items such as the bottles and the bottle caps can be placed on the firm drying rods which will make certain that the accessory stays in place and does not fall off. All kinds of cups and bottles can be placed to dry out. It is devised skillfully confirming that all the accessories dry out effectively.

If your kitchen counter gets filled up with a dozen bottles at the end of the day and instead of filling the platform with bottles drying up at varied times, then it is suggested to buy a drying rack. Whether you need a large rack to accommodate a whole lot of accessories or a smaller one just for the bottles is a personal decision. Make sure to buy the best drying rack from the best dealer right away.

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