Things in the Bedroom You Can Cover with Edge and Corner Guards

Things in the Bedroom You Can Cover with Edge and Corner Guards


Transform your home into a child-friendly environment. Childproofing can be a daunting undertaking – where do you start, how much do you need to do, what goods do you need to buy? The answer is simple, with the Door and Window Guards, you can turn your home into a safe place for babies and older children. Corner Cushions will protect your children from the dangerous corners of tables and counters. These soft foam corners are proportioned to accommodate most tables, worktops, and shelving and are simple to install. They are easily removable and reusable because they are backed with an adhesive strip and use foam large cushions for added protection. The corner and edge cushions that you purchase are safety accessories that you will thank the Gods for as they keep your child safe from grave injuries, The foam cushions can be used on your dining room table, coffee and end tables, and even one in the main bathroom on the sharp counter corner.


It will stick well to the edges and will not fall off. Has your curious crawler morphed into a rambunctious toddler in the blink of an eye? A tumble is bound to happen sooner or later, no matter how diligently you watch your child or baby-proof your home with baby-safe corner guards. With the Foam Corner Cushions, you can at least soften the blow. These child-safe foam cushions protect your baby’s head and body from sharp corners on coffee tables, desks, shelves, counters, and other surfaces. The four-rounded foam corner shapes are great for usage all over the house and provide optimum protection where impact is most likely. The provided adhesive peels easily without breaking furniture, and installation is quick and easy. Take the edge off with these childproof pillows, because keeping your infant safe is your number one priority, and you can now do it in elegance. The corner cushions shield your child from the dangers of sharp corners. To provide proper corner protection, the rounded cushions are meant to wrap around the edges and corners of the furniture. Under impact, the rubberized surface absorbs the force keeping your little one secure, what’s more,  even the installation is easy and rapid.


Things in the Bedroom You Can Baby Proof with Edge and Corner Guards for Your Little Ones

When planning or renovating a child’s room, one of the most important considerations is safety, as well as ergonomic design. Sharp corners, slippery ground, and uncomfortable furniture will not do in this environment for frolic and free play. It’s not easy to ensure that your child’s room complies with basic safety and ergonomic standards. These childproofing tips, on the other hand, should get you started:


Sharp Corners Should Be Avoided

This is common knowledge, yet it’s easy to overlook in the rush to score trendy furnishings. When there are young children present, sharp corners are harmful. This is because a single bump or tumble could result in scarring or even a catastrophic injury. When buying children’s furniture, make sure the corners are rounded and smooth enough to minimize the chances of injury if they do come into contact with something. Tack corner guards to sharp edges around your child’s height level if you’re childproofing an existing room.


The edges of your household furniture might be extremely dangerous to your child. Your baby may run into the edge of the bed or the table’s corner, injuring itself severely. Your kid may have concussions if the baby has banged the head on the corners. Concussions suffered at a young age may have far-reaching consequences later in life. Sharp corners can be secured with edge guards to avoid such situations.


  1. Bed

Install the soft and high-density foam edge cushion and corner protector to your bed to protect your babies and seniors from injuries from sharp edges and corners of the bed. Check the bed edges properly and install babyproofing edge and corner guards.


  1. Dressing Unit

Did you know sharp edges on the dressing unit can cause nasty injuries for children? Baby bumpers edge guard can absorb impact and protect your child from sharp edges and corners, the cushioned foam for safer impact where babies need it most. The corner protector’s viscosity is quite high, and the corner bumpers can be utilized on any surface. steel, wood, glass, and ceramics, to name a few. When you plan the safety of a room, make sure your family is considered closely. The edge and corner guards are simple to put together and fit corners and edges of all sizes and shapes. Simply measure the desired length, cut the foam to size, and stick it to the furniture without damaging it.


  1. Side Table/ Wardrobe Edges/ Study Table/ Drawer Units/ TV Units

Baby safety table edge corner guards are created by expert manufacturers to keep your infant safe from the sharp corners of the side table, and other household objects. To prevent the guard from being torn off by the youngster, a unique branded high-power adhesive is applied to each side of the guard, covering the entire inner side of the edge and corner guards. It can also be removed without any remaining traces without causing damage to the furniture. To maintain the original look of the furniture, completely transparent protectors are used. The upgraded PVC material is more flexible and has soft bumps at the corners to help prevent injuries.


  1. Floor Skirting

The baby-proofing edge and corner guard set include a high-density impact absorbing rubber foam with edge protector and pre-taped corner protectors. Table corner protectors for baby safety also include easy-to-peel 3M double-sided white tape to stick onto all sorts of surfaces including tiles and painted walls. We realize how exciting (and stressful) it may be to welcome a new kid into your house, especially if you plan to homeschool or work from home. That’s why high-density foam corner and edge protection strips are designed to be fitted and secured in minutes. The cushion-soft edge and corner guard kit for furniture ensure that you never worry about little noggins around the table below! The corner protectors for furniture can be used to childproof sharp corners on any hard surface or furniture in your home, including tables, desks, countertops, and walls. Keep your children safe while they are running, climbing, or leaping around the house.



  1. Baby Proofing Window Sills

When it comes to babyproofing your bedroom, the window sill is a frequently overlooked area. Your kid can’t fall through them, get suffocated by them, or have them break, but window sills typically have sharp corners, and if they fall on them hard enough, they can cause bruises, wounds, and even concussions. Padding the corners of window sills is a good way to baby-proof them. That way, if your baby wants to stand at the window, you don’t have to worry about it hitting its head or chin in the window sill and getting hurt. Also, consider the height of your window sill from the ground. Little ones often see window sills as excellent climbing chances, and even if you’ve removed all furniture and stackable objects from the vicinity, they can still climb if the window sill is low enough. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent little ones from climbing on lower window sills, thus boundaries and clear-cut regulations must be established.


  1. Wall Edges

Compared with foam-only bumpers, High-Density U-Shaped Large Nbr Corner Cushions/Guards stand out for high-density NBR foam which allows for Slim Design, duct tapes stick better; kids can’t take off a chunk, and U-Shaped edges give better protection. The slim design looks nice on your wall edges and the decorative duct tapes blend well with walls while providing no gap for little hands to peel off. It is more hygienic and coated with non-toxic BOPP, the duct tape is made of food-grade PVC and is completely child safe even if your little one bites it though it should not be used as a chewing toy or a teether. It is water-resistant, oil-resistant, and has high tenacity – any spilled drinks, food, or dust can be wiped away. Installation is simple: trim your bumper to the necessary length, then secure it in place and stick the duct tape to the cushion.


  1. Toilet Threshold

The toilet is a place that children find most amusing and wait for their chance to explore their ‘Disneyland’. Little children also like to simply hang around the toilet when their favorite parent is using it, which is why it is important to secure the thresh hold edges of the toilet. When the child is hanging around the toilet and experiences an unfortunate fall, it gets protected by the edge guard attached to the toilet, which can be a wise decision after all.

Baby Proofing the bedroom can be a daunting task for parents with children of various ages. We recommend using the edge and corner guards to prevent your little ones from hurting themselves and they can actually have a fun time playing and exploring the room that belongs to them.



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