Top 5 Newborn Baby Essentials Every Mom Needs for Baby

While you are excited to welcome your baby home, you must be confused about, “What items do my baby needs for proper care and comfort?” Newborn babies need so many items that every mom should buy before delivery just to be prepared. Whether you’re a first-time or experienced parent, there are some newborn baby items you need to make your life a little bit simpler. These are the products that a newborn baby needs. So, if you are making a list of newborn baby essentials, make sure to add these items.

Following is a list of the most essential things a newborn baby needs

Baby Clothing

Infants need clothes more than anyone else. As they repeatedly pee and poop, you will need many pairs of clothes for the infant. But, abstain from buying anything too fancy or lacy for the newborn baby. Not only such clothes are expensive, but also they may be too harsh for the newborn. Simple, cotton-made, and budget-friendly clothing pieces are the best suitable for babies. Apart from onesies, you will also need 6-8 pairs of baby socks, hats based on the climate and outing frequency, and baby sleepers. Bodysuits are also a good choice for adding to your newborn baby item list as you can pull over them your baby’s head and snap it beneath the diaper. When your child has a diaper blow-out, the stretchy neckline allows you to simply pull the soiled bodysuit down over his or her head.

Take care of the following points while buying baby clothes:

  • Don’t buy too many newborn clothing pieces as the baby will outgrow them at fast speeds. Keep the baby’s clothing items on the cheaper and budget-friendly side as they will need to be replaced multiple times.
  • While buying baby clothes, consider how often you will be doing laundry and what is the weather going to be like.
  • You can completely skip hats if you lie in a warm climate and plan to stay indoors. But if you live in a chilly place, a heavy woolen hat that completely covers the ears from cold.
  • Instead of blankets, you can go for sleeping bags as they are more practical than blankets for infants. Sleeping sacks are harder to kick off which babies usually do with blankets, so your toddler wakes up less due to feeling cold at the night.
  • Instead of buying mittens and onesies separately, you should go for onesies that come with mittens as they don’t fall off. This will also stop the baby from scratching their face. It is better to buy 5-6 pairs at least as you will need them, especially during the first few weeks.

Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding

Breastfeeding is a must for the first 6 months of your baby’s birth. However, you should also buy a complete bottle-feeding kit along with pacifier and bottle covers as well. In fact, bottle-feeding kits are newborn baby essentials that every mom should have. Nowadays, the Indian market has amazing bottle-feeding sets available at reasonable prices. Just make sure that the products are free from BPA and other toxins. As the baby starts eating semi-solid food after 6 months, you should lookout for a feeding kit consisting of fruit nibbler and no-spill bowls.

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As newborn babies poop a lot, you will end up using 10-12 diapers a day at least. No matter if you choose the disposable route to the cloth route, diapers are the most essential things a newborn baby needs. So, it is better to stock up on diapers beforehand in huge numbers, While you buy diapers, make sure that they are not only rash and allergy-free but also considerable in size, i.e., neither too big nor too small. Along with diapers, you can also buy a diaper bag especially if you plan to travel while the baby is small. However, buying a diaper bag is optional as you can use any tote bag to store diapers.

Safety essentials for Newborn

This category is a big one covering items such as pet fence, baby monitors, safety rails, bed rails, finger guards for hinged doors, bathing hats, corner guards, etc. Safety proofing your home space to prevent injuries to the newborn at all times is quite important. While the baby is an infant, you will surely need bed rail guards to prevent the newborn from falling. And when the baby grows into a toddler, the corner guards and finger safety guards are the two most important baby products. Baby monitors are the newborn baby essentials getting popular as safety gadgets as they allow the parents or caretakers to communicate with the baby through audio as well as video mode. No matter where you are, working on a project in the office or stuck in traffic, you can monitor your baby’s activities through a smartphone. Also, the baby monitors allow you to record precious moments of your newborn.

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A Travel Kit

If you are a frequent traveler or have a trip anytime soon, it is best to invest in a traveling kit curated particularly to maintain the safety, comfort, convenience, and happiness of children and parents on the road. Instead of buying the travel items as separates, it gets more affordable to buy a kit containing a car booster seat, neck support pillow, seat belt holder, mat for protecting the seat, etc. The car booster seats not only safeguard your child but also make it convenient for them to reach the car windows and enjoy the scenery while traveling.

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