Using A Sliding Door Stopper For Baby Safety

While the scientists of the world are in a rush to find the best vaccine for Corona, the busiest researchers on Earth are still parents of toddlers that want to find ways to keep the kids safe!

It is true that toddlers are highly curious and always on the lookout to learn new things and while they should never be stopped from exploring the world around them, it is also important to ensure that they remain safe while on their little excursions.  There are a lot of hazards around homes that can prove to be dangerous for kids when they are left on their own, which is why it is important for parents to identify weak spots and safeguard the child from them. While a lot of things can cause to the child around the house, some of the most common elements are doors and corners.

Doors, especially the sliding kind, need to be blocked out or kept shut for a lot of reasons including imminent danger from the door itself and the danger from the things on the other side of the door. It is important to ensure that devices such as the sliding door stopper for baby safety are put to good use around the house. There are a lot of benefits of using the right kind and quality of stoppers and corner guards that can be truly understood when the dangers that these devices mitigate, are understood. In order to identify the use of the door stoppers and corner guards, it is important to know about the ideal places at which they can be used.

Balconies & Windows:

Having ventilation and abundant natural lighting in a house can be a blessing, especially if you have a growing child at home. However, the same window or balcony shutter that helps bring in natural light, becomes a portal to a hazardous space for the children. Leaning out of a window, venturing out into the balcony or taking a stroll in the backyard on their own, can all be dangerous for little toddlers that cannot distinguish between right and wrong. It is therefore essential to make sure that children are allowed on the other side of a balcony door only with adult supervision. However, since toddlers do not realise the importance of personal safety, it becomes important to keep the window and balcony shutters closed with the help of a sliding door stopper for baby safety.

Room Safety:

While the danger is higher on the outside, it is important for parents to note that a lot of hazard lies even on the inside. Edges in the house of furniture such as tables and drawer chests can be highly unsafe for little children especially when they start learning to walk and run. As soon as a baby starts to grab on to furniture to stand up, it becomes essential for parents to pick accessories like small corner guards for child safety and soften exposed corners of furniture for safety’s sake. Even a small corner guard can work wonders when you want to be sure about the safety of your child. You can also choose to opt for corner guards that are aesthetically designed and created to match the idea of your interior design because you should not have to compromise on beauty to create a safe surrounding for your child.

When you are baby proofing a room, the room door should never be left alone. It is most essential to ensure that you have the right devices such as a revolving door stopper for kids to make sure that the door of the room does not slam shut and pose as a hazard for a child in the house. When it is windy outside, the doors in a house tend to slam hard because of the force of the wind. If a child gets caught in the way of a slamming door, it can cause serious injury to the child, which is why it is important to employ devices that keep a door from shutting on its own. Slamming doors can also be extremely loud and disturbing, which means that they can wake a sleeping child. However, with the help of an effective door stopper, it is possible to eliminate the chance of waking a sleeping baby.

Wardrobes and Cabinets:

While there are certain doors that you need to keep from shutting, there are others that you need to keep from opening, such as the wardrobe shutters, especially the sliding varieties. While some wardrobe shutters come with a lock mechanism to keep them shut, others need to be kept shut using effective devices such as a sliding door stopper for baby safety. When a wardrobe door is secured using the door stopper, it becomes possible to keep a curious child safe from things falling out from the cupboard or from them jamming their little fingers in the shutters. The right kind of stoppers even keep the kids from camping in the dangerous confines of a cupboard or a cabinet, which always seems like a good idea when you can fit your tiny body into an unexplored territory.


Doors of toilets should also be secured adequately when you are working on the shutters and doors around the house. The toilet is a space that is highly hazardous for a child because it has wet surfaces that can cause falls and injuries in children. If you have a sliding door for your toilet, you can secure it shut with the help of a stopper or you can simply keep it locked if it is a regular door. On the inside of the toilet, you can choose to secure edges and hazardous points of contact with the help of accessories like a ball shape corner guard for kids. The corner guards can help in ensuring that corners in a toilet are sufficiently covered to make it a safer space for an active child.


A kitchen is a space where all the magic happens, which is true when you look with the vision of a two year old. The space is full of magical potions and powders which are used to concoct all sorts of delicious dishes. For this reason alone, a toddler will want to venture into the kitchen and check out all that is there to see and in a lot of cases, put itself directly in the way of harm. As a parent, you will vouch for the fact that the kitchen is the last place you would want the child playing on their own. When you want to keep your little explorers out of the kitchen, you need to work on keeping the door shut. If the kitchen door is a sliding one, you can make use of a sliding door stopper or simply keep it jarred and locked if it is a regular revolving door. If it is not possible to keep the door shut, you can choose to secure the cabinets and shutters inside the kitchen with the same stopper for sliding doors.

It is also important to use resources like small corner guards for child safety around the kitchen so that little children can stay safe from sharp corners in a space that tends to have wet spots on the floor surfaces that are likely to cause falls. While you would like to keep a child out of a kitchen, it may  not be always possible, which is why it is important to ensure the next best thing, which is to keep the space safe by putting the best baby safety accessories appropriately throughout the entire area.

Main Door:

A lot of children like to venture out of the house and explore the passage areas outside of the house. The fear of coming in the way of the pandemic has also made it essential to make the building passage or lift lobby the new playground for little ones, which is why the most important thing for a parent to do is to keep the main door from slamming while a child is playing outside the house.  With the help of products like the revolving door stopper for kids it is possible to ensure that your heavy duty main door remains open and does not lock the children out of the house or put them in harm’s way. It can be safely concluded that the use of certain safety accessories and products such as the stoppers and the small corner guards for child safety can go a long way in providing a happy and safe abode for the children. Most importantly, the small and simple yet effective devices that help in keeping the doors and cabinets shut or open and the corners safe, help in bringing peace of mind to the parents. With a child in the house, the parents are constantly on their toes looking for ways to provide for a safe environment for the little one to grow in. With the help of the right quality safety products, parents can finally end their research and breathe a sigh of relief!

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