Ways To Make a Fussy Baby Enjoy Bathing

Little babies start developing a personality of their own as soon as they are a few months old. When babies start learning about concepts like interaction and expressing likes and dislikes, they will start communicating their own way to tell you what makes them happy and what does not. While it is common for most children to enjoy bath time, there are a lot of babies that do not like the touch of water or feel afraid of it; it is for those babies that parents need to find a safe, fun, and innovative way to give them a happy bathing experience. The chances are high that if the little babies are not made to change their opinion about a bath, it will become more difficult to get them clean themselves when they get older, which cannot be a very healthy thing.

In order to get your little bundle of joy to get a bath without fussing, one of the simplest and the most effective things that you can do is to get a bathtub for the little one. There are a lot of possibilities that open up when you have something like a tub for the baby, ranging from fun to safety, which is why you need to ensure that you get a tub from a reliable and trusted seller today. You also need to make sure that you choose an alternative that will be appropriate for your need and the baby’s rapidly growing tiny little body. When you have the perfect tub for your baby you can adopt fun activities that you can do as the baby bathes, so that the little one can be made to get rid of their aversion for the task. For all you know, if you have the right tub for your baby, you may end up making bath time something that they completely look forward to as opposed to disliking it.

Here are some ways in which you can make bath time a fun event:

Add Color:

When you choose to buy your bathtub, you need to make sure that you get not only the safest but also the most fun-looking alternative. You need to buy a colour that the baby will like so that they find the tub visually appealing and that is what becomes the first step towards your baby starting to like the bathing event. You can also add colour to the bathing scene by using a fun bath tumbler for the baby, or a shower hat that they will find attractive, or something like a baby bath scrub that is full of colour.

Sensory Play:

Feeling the small waves and the movements of the water in the bathtub can be highly stimulating for the small baby. While it is not possible to take the baby to a beach in the present times, you can give them an opportunity of feeling the flow of water. The soothing feel of the calm waves of the water in the tub can be a good way to give the babies a sensory experience that helps them not only enjoy bath time but also in developing their brain and sensory responses. Baby is a completely clean slate and anything new that you introduce to them becomes a new learning experience. The movement and the feel of the water are known to have a deep and calming effect on the babies, which is why you need to experiment with water play as a sensory activity.


Playing without the motive of learning and just having fun can also be a great way to get the baby to like bath time. You can simply fill up your baby’s favourite bathtub with water up to a safe level and let the baby have fun with water under your supervision. You can even choose to start freestyle play early in the life of a baby by choosing to invest in a safety mesh for the baby to use when it is still very tiny. When babies are allowed to splash water and have fun, they are more likely to look forward to their daily sessions of unrestricted play. While water babies that love the feel of water need no reason to get into the bathtub, a fussy baby can definitely be turned around when you give them this option of being completely lawless with the water to have fun, laugh, and play even as they involve in their water playtime in the bathtub.

Bathtub Toys:

One of the most tried, tested, and successful ways to get babies to like the task of taking a bath is to introduce a couple of bathtub toys during bath time. The children find it amusing to see how certain toys float on the water that is filled in the tub and how other toys may sink down. Grabbing onto toys while they are on the water is also an activity that little babies find engaging because of the increased and rapid movement of the objects and the fact that the babies have to nearly chase the toy to grab hold of it. What may seem like a small and meaningless phenomenon, can be a very colossal thing for the little ones which is why they should be provided with more and more options to play with while they enjoy their bath time in their bathtub.

Soap & Bubbles:

Whether you need to get your baby to take a bath or your toddler, soap never fails to amuse a child. Soap is something that little children love to feel as well as use, which is why you should take benefit of the safety of your bathtub and let the children play with the bathing soap. They can explore their own creativity with lather or simply have fun popping bubbles as they enjoy bath time in the tub. You need to make complete use of the soap to not just clean your baby but also for it to like bath time and look forward to it.

Bath Time Story:

When nothing else works, the sound of your voice and your imagination can play the trick for you. All you have to do is indulge in some storytelling as your little baby relaxes to have a bath in their safe and comfortable bathtub. You can spin a story as long as you want it to be because a baby will never tire of tales that you have to tell them. A story can be the most fun and exciting way to make sure that your baby enjoys bath time. The story session can also be your bait to get your little one ready for a shower because that is how they will agree to something that they do not completely enjoy. Binding with your little one also becomes much easier when you are constantly talking to them. However, when you are using the story tactic to get your baby to like bath time, you need to make sure that you use a secure accessory like a bathtub so that you do not have to constantly worry about the safety of your child and you can pay attention to the story that you make up as you go.

No matter what your choice of strategy is, the most important factor in paving the way for the baby to like a bath is to ensure that it feels comfortable and safe as it is bathed. When the child is able to relax in a bathtub it is more likely that they will want to do it again on a regular basis. Children, no matter how small they are need to have a sense of security and comfort for them to be at ease because that is how the natural response for survival in humans works. With the help of a bathtub, you can make sure that your little one trusts the event to be a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable one. The bathtub also puts you at ease when you are bathing the baby and your emotions reflect in the baby, which means that they too feel relaxed and happy as they get their comforting bath.

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