Why Baby Security Gate Tops the Priority List for a Newborn?

Baby security gate is the barrier to protect your babies from all the dangers that exist in your home. It cuts your toddlers access to these areas and safeguards his physical security. It keeps your toddler away from injuries and risks present in your home. The risks that we are talking about are already mentioned in above paragraph.

Made of either, metal, plastic, or wood, baby security gates also make you keep the toddler in room once they hit the bed. If your toddler wakes up, the side grills around the bed, will prevent him from falling down. But once your kid starts using toilets, instead of diapers at night then you can’t keep them within security gates.

How child Security gate protect your small kids?

You must have heard from parents that, most accidents with kids happen at home only. These risks stay hidden in living room, around tables, TV sets, bookshelves, along with loose wires. These loose wires can get tangled around your baby leading to dangerous results. Apart from that, there are many other things also like paper clips, erasers, plastic bags, etc. which children might think as an item to eat.

Among all these potential hazards that can harm your baby the most dangerous is stairs in your house. Thus, the most feasible solution to refrain such hazards is to make these areas inaccessible to your baby. This is where the role of stair child security gates comes into play. You can install them at top and bottom both as if baby climbs the stairs, he cannot fall.

Bedrooms and bathrooms possess the same dangerous but not in the form of height. It includes, medicines, cleaning items, phenyl etc. Thus, you need to keep them out of reach of kids, so that they don’t consume it accidentally. You can do so with help of child security gates.

Don’t forget kitchen area which can threat your child in its own way. Like, it has knife, heat, and other kind of hazardous objects. So while in kitchen, make your baby stay in the limits of child security gates. If he is sitting on chair, make it close with security gates, so he can’t get out himself.

Factors to keep in mind before buying baby security gate:

Child security gates are usually used for new born babies, of age between 6months to 2 or 3 years old. They are placed at stair top, or at doorways, so the toddler remains away from home hazards. Keep following things in mind while buying one:

  • Start with measuring the width of doorway or the stair way, so that the gate you buy is wide enough to block the gap.
  • Don’t buy the accordion type gate, because they diamond shaped openings are not safe. It can trap hour baby’s head that can lead to choking.
  • For more security, check the ASTM/JPMA label on the gate. It means, American Society for Testing and Materials, and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.
  • While buying stair security gates, always ensure there are no sharp edges and pieces. It could hurt the baby’s hands. If it is a wooden gate, check for wood splinters.
  • The height of gate must not be greater than three quarters of child’s height.
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Two Important types of Gates You can buy for your child:

You can buy the baby gate on the basis of how you can mount them between the doorways or walls of stairs. They are of two types, hardware mount and pressure mount. Let’s read both of them one by one:

Hardware Mount Gate:

When you buy hardware mount baby security gates, you need to drill holes in walls or doorways where you are going to fix it. You can then use screws and fix the gate in the drilled holes. If you want to cut the access permanently for your toddler, this is the best option. These are best when you want to keep your toddler away from kitchen, or fireplaces, etc.

You must install them at top of your stairs as it fixes permanently between the stair walls. Thus, the risk that your child can push it and falls down on stairs is completely nil and no injuries takes place.

Pressure Mount Gate:

Pressure mount gates are extendable in width and are secured using the pressure by the two walls between which you are fixing it. They are much quicker and easier to install in comparison to hardware mount gates. In this, you don’t need to do any drilling, thus there will be no damage walls and doorways.

Since they don’t need any drilling, you can move them to different locations in your home as per requirement. But don’t use them at places where falling is a hazard, like stairs top. It is because they are not fixed permanently, and if your baby pushes it too hard, it will come out, and your baby will fall.

The Research:

One of the first things that you need to do is to find a seller that is reliable and help you get your hands on the most quality-oriented, sturdy and trustworthy home security equipment for kids. The security gate is meant to be a sturdy barricade between your baby and something that may prove to be hazardous and dangerous for the little one. It is, therefore, essential that you pick the gate from a seller that will offer you nothing lower than the best possible alternative.

You need to also research the fitting and the finish of the gate for it to be truly efficient while in use. Any gate that needs you to poke holes into your walls or other fixed components and furniture in the house should be eliminated from your list of options to buy. There are sellers of baby security gates that offer alternatives that can be fit without the use of any sort of tools and also ensure that the gate remains strongly attached in place without having to make holes into the supporting surfaces. These are the kinds of gates that you need to be on the lookout for. These gates ensure that they remain loyal and in service while your baby is in need of the equipment and quietly leave the show without leaving ugly spots and marks after it has been retired from use.

The Making:

Once you are sure about having found the perfect seller for your baby security gate, you then need to go on to look for the make of the gate. Your choice of a seller can prove to be absolutely right if you are able to get a gate that is lasting and sturdy. A security gate made out of metal can be the right choice for your need because metal does not wear out easily and the gate can remain in use right from when your baby starts to crawl around the house up until when it is old enough to open the gate on its own.

A metal gate is also perfect for maintenance and upkeep, which is why most parents choose to use the alternative as compared to any other options. The gate can be regularly cleaned with a simple damp cloth and the work is done because while cleaning may be important with the baby in the house, it cannot be carried out with elaborate planning due to the fact that little babies never allow so much time to the parents. An easy to clean gate can be the most viable choice for busy parents, especially in the times of the pandemic when most households have no house help and have to manage work from home arrangements along with caring for the little one while keeping it at bay from dangers and hazards around the house.

The Location:

Your next step in the process of buying the security gate for baby security in the house should be to finalize the location ideal for the placement of the gate. You can choose to place the gate in any spot right from a doorway to a passage or even in front of a staircase. All you need to be sure about is that you need to have two perfectly parallel surfaces on which each side of the gate can be fixed usually with the help of vacuum-based bulbs. When there are two opposite surfaces that are sturdily fixed in place, the gate can be easily installed without the risk of the gate moving from its place with use.

While the best sellers make sure to offer gates that fit into standard sized openings along with the option of tightening the vacuum bulbs for slightly larger openings, if you are seeking to install in a wide opening, you can choose to opt for a security gate extension for kids. The extension gets easily attached to the main gate apparatus and helps in closing in the extra space that needs to be covered with the gate. This means that the choice of spots that you can place the gate on can be huge when your need is unique and the security of your little one is at stake.

The Installation:

Once your baby security gate arrives and is ready to put to test, you need to make sure that you first read the installation instructions carefully for the installation to be safe and correct. It is highly essential that you pay close attention to all the details mentioned in the installation manual so that you do not run the risk of installing the gate the wrong way. Being particular about the correct installation has a direct impact on how secure your baby is after the gate is fixed, which is why you need to stress the perfection of the process.

After the installation is done, you need to make sure that it is tested for sturdiness, which means that you need to try and shake it as much as possible to ensure that the gate does not move with pressure. This is especially important in cases where the gate is not supported by walls on both sides but is held in place with the support of furniture or other components such as pillars or staircase rails. In cases where you need to attach the security gate extension, you also need to make sure that the extension is attached correctly and is held in place strongly.

Finally, you need to check if the latch of the gate works perfectly because that is the most important element of security, which also makes the security gate workable. It is important to learn how the latch works so that it can be used in a secure manner and does not remain open, posing a threat to the security of your little one.

Benefits of Using Security Gate in Your Home:

  • With the use of baby security gates, you keep your child safe without worrying for their security.
  • Gates prevent your kid from accessing dangerous areas so you keep on doing your important work without thinking that your child will go to unwanted areas in your home.
  • With the use of these gates you create the safe play zones for your child in your home.
  • You can also limit the interaction of pets and baby using the gates. Thus, your pet cannot harm the toddler.

Get the Best Deal in the Maket:

Parenting your child is a blessing and responsibility both and every choice you make will have an impact on your child. Thus, you always need to make right choices for your baby for his security and well-being. When it comes to buying baby security gates for your child’s securitySafe-O-Kid is the best choice available for you. Here is why?

Run by the people who are themselves a parent, we work as a parent focused company.  We understand the issues of a parent for their infant and hence provide you the baby products that are healthy and safer for your baby. Before we dispatch it to you, we run multiple and strict quality checks on the product you buy. Thus, we ensure your baby receives best product in journey of his development. Read more about our baby security gates products here.

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