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Bax Khan ji - Founder of Gunsar Lok Sangeet Sansthan an NGO in Jaisalmer working on supporting artists' community is appealing to the viewers to attend the live concert hosted by Book My Show. Please buy the tickets and support lok kalakars/ folk musicians.

Indian Idol Fame Sattar Khan Harmonium Performance and Invitation to Rhythm of Desert

Sarwar Khan Invitation - Singing Dangal Song

Sartaj Khan Dangal Movie Singer Inviting to Rhythm of Desert

Kalbeliya Artist Invitiation to Rhythm of Desert Event

Hayat Khan Indian Idol 9 and Rising Star Fame - Signing and Inviting

Kalbeliya Performance and Invitation

Renowned Matka Player Rasoor Khan Performing and Inviting to Rhythm of Deserr

National Artist Rajasthani Folk Dance Performing and inviting

International Rajasthani Folk Dance Artist Performing and Inviting for Rhythm of Desert

Dear Safe-O-Kid Patrons, as part of our social responsibility, we are helping daily wage-earning folk artists so they earn money and eat in these difficult times!

For this purpose, we have created a soulful virtual concert with BookMyShow, so they can eat and our customers enjoy blissful music!

Tickets for the concert can now be bought for just ₹99 where you will witness artists of Indian Idol, Coke Studio, SaReGaMaPa, Padamshree fame present a fusion of soulful centuries-old Muslim Sufi songs with Hindu devotional songs, Kalbeliya/ Rajasthani dances, and the history of unique instruments like double flute, Kamaycha, Morchang, and Khartal.

Pre-performance videos of some of these legendary artists giving you a taste of the concert can be accessed here:

Padamshree Nominee Anwar Khan ji’s Blissful Singing and invitation

Firoz Gunsar Ji Playing Morchang and Inviting to Rhythm of Desert

Thanu Khan (7 Year old) Child Prodigy Singing and Inviting to Rhythm of Desert

Legendary Mehardeen Langa ji Playing Double Flute & Inviting for Rhythm of Desert

Famous Singer Roje Khan Singing with Harmonium & Inviting to Rhythm of Desert

Indian Idol fame Sattar Khan Singing Kesariya Balam and Inviting for Rhythm of Desert

Padamshree Nominee Anwar Khan ji Singing and Inviting us to Rhythm of Desert

Legendary Barkhat Khan ji singing amd inviting to Rhythm of Desert

Legendary Mehardeen Langa ji Playing Sindhi Sarangi and Inviting to Attend Rhythm of Desert

All collection will go towards food and medical facilities and Safe-O-Kid will contribute an additional amount of 10% to the total collection.

Please buy tickets here (for India) and spread the word in all your circles for greater impact ?