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Our Story

Safe-O-Kid is all about letting your baby grow into a healthy and happy child without you having to worry about the physical dangers that surround it inside the house and outside of it.

We find ourselves to be the source of trust and reliability for millions of parents across the globe, that use our range of baby safety products.

And, that trust creates our story and drives our motivation to keep innovating and coming up with baby safety solutions that allow your baby’s curiosity to flow without putting it in harm’s way!

Our Expertise

A brand of Baby Safety Inc., Safe-O-Kid is committed to the safety of children around the world with a research driven approach to finding solutions.

We understand that the hazards and dangers surrounding your baby are varied, which is why we pay attention to detail in studying the changing landscapes and deliver precisely what you may need to keep your child secure.

With years of research backing our experts at Baby Safety Inc. we have been able to develop the Safe-O-Kid brand in line with the safety requirements of a growing child and we don’t stop at that!

We are constantly updating and launching new solutions to keep up with the safety needs of your baby.

Product Design

The range of products offered by Safe-O-Kid is developed to keep your baby protected from potentially risky spaces at home as well as outside the house.

We understand that every child is unique and can never be put under a common category when it comes to growth patterns, which is why we are constantly coming up with distinctive options to cater to your baby’s security and safety needs.

Safe-O-Kid products are created with a simple four-point agenda, which is

  • Uncompromised Safety for the Child
  • Easy to Install and Simple to Use
  • Doesn’t Get in the Way of the Child’s Growth
  • Elegant and Aesthetic in Appearance

360° Safety

It is natural for parents to consider outdoors to be dangerous and risky for children, whereas within the confines of the house a child is considered to be secure. However, the reality is that for your growing and curious bean, the simplest of things can become hazardous.

We at Baby Safety Inc. empathize with your need to safeguard your baby’s surroundings in all ways possible without having to compromise on your regular routines, which is why we offer comprehensive safety solutions including baby safety products along with workshops.

Baby Safety Inc. organizes programs in collaboration with paediatric facilities, hospitals, educational establishments and others; to help parents learn about ways in which they can care for their child in a more secure manner.

Our Vision

Baby Safety Inc. has one vision; to keep children safe from avoidable accidents or injuries.

All our efforts are directed towards the creation and innovation of security solutions that help you keep your children safe even as they Play, Explore, Learn and Grow!

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