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Why Choose Safe-O-Kid?

Safe-O-Kid is a research-based organization that strives to make the world a safe zone for all children. We understand that little ones like to freely explore the world around them and enjoy being free as they start to move around. And led by their innate curiosity, as they fiddle with doors, drawers, cabinets, and sockets, we focus on building products that keep them safe from harm. With an aim to prevent unpleasant happenings and remove potential obstacles in your child's life, we have stepped forward to design products that will safeguard your child from unnecessary bumps or sore fingers.

We want to bring across such a spectrum of baby products, which are 100 % baby safe even though not stylish. By launching Safe-O-Kid products we want to ensure overall safety, and preventing avoidable/fatal accidents by 100%.

  • Designed to Minimise Fatal Accidents

    We are a parents' focused company run by people who are parents themselves. We understand the needs of new parents and continuously research and evolve our product design to ensure maximum efficiency. This is why all our products have been designed keeping in mind the safety of your young ones and are certified safe.

  • Trusted by Moms and Pediatricians

    For decades, our products have served moms, new parents and young children well. It is this trust that everyday moms and pediatricians place on us that pushes us to do more each day. This is why we ensure that our products are well tested, absolutely safe for kids and made of natural ingredients that have been deemed safe for kids.

  • Innovative Product Solutions

    Our products have been designed by experts to ensure your child's safety at all times. Because we believe each child deserves an accident-risk free environment for maximum growth.

  • ISO Certified Safety

    All our products have been tested, ISO Certified and proven for maximum performance. We extensively test our products to ensure they meet the safety standards that you as a parent expect.

  • Inspired by Research

    We conduct intensive research with our research partners to continuously improve our products to make the world a better place for all children.

    Our research Partners:
    • Pediatricians
    • Parents
    • Playschool/Daycare Staff
    • Child Psychologists