High Quality, Durable, Elegant 100% Kid Safe Drawer Lock (Pack of 2)

High Quality, Durable, Elegant 100% Kid Safe Drawer Lock (Pack of 2)

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  • Safety Features

    Prevents baby fingers from getting caught in to drawers/ doors

    Prevents baby from being exposed to harmful things like medicines, sharp tools kept in drawers/ cabinets

    Prevents baby from emptying the contents of drawers/cabinets

  • Net Content

    Set of 2 Lock(s) with relevant tapes

  • Key Features

    1. Very high quality polymer used for a sturdy design

    2. Elegant design and color which blend with any decor at your home

    3. The 3M foam tape is very strong and does not come off even when pressure is high and kid tries his best to take it off. At the same time, the tape doesn't peel the paint off your furniture when removed

    4. Very easy to install with no tools required (no screws and no drilling)

    5. Reusable

    6. Locking mechanism designed such that kids find it difficult to operate but adults have no hassles

    7. Strong and Durable Locking Mechanism that DOES NOT BREAK OR FAIL. Tested for at least thousands of open and close

  • How To Use

    1. Clean the surface where you want to put the Safe-O-Lock with an ordinary home cleaning solution. Wipe it dry.

    2. Align both ends of Safe-o-Lock properly before peeling the tape off and sticking the lock in place. Alignment should be such when the door/drawer is closed the Safe-o-Lock is in complete close position. Also, make sure that the face of the lock with sliding mechanism is stuck to the moving part of the drawer/cabinet door.

    3. Peel the 3M paper backing of both ends and carefully put it in place

    4. Press both end for 1 minute and leave it for 24 hours before you operate

    5. For operating instructions see ref Pic 1a

    6. To remove: Remove Safe-O-Lock carefully from both the side. DO NOT Use any chemicals/ sharp tools. Clean the surface with wet cloth, etc. as suitable. Use new set of Double Sided tapes to reuse.

  • Caution & Tips

    1.This product is not a toy, and not a substitute for adult supervision

    2.If possible, for better utility, install the product at such a height that child cannot easily reach

    3.Do not try to force open the doors/drawers when lock is installed and is in closed position as it might damage the product (although light force from child will not damage this)

    4. Make sure the face of the lock that has sliding grey part is installed on the surface of drawers/cabinet door that actually moves (for example, front of the drawer).

    5. Before sticking the ends of the lock on surface, make sure both ends are aligned properly and as required. Taking it off after sticking once might damage the adhesive and decrease the protection. Order new tapes if adhesive is damaged before using it.

    6. Consult baby safety experts for right locks for your furniture/appliance

    7. Do not use on oily and heated surface. Do not use when lock and/or adhesive is damaged

    8. You may want to discontinue the use of product after your child has reached an age where he/she can remove it alone

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