U-Shaped, adjustable Cabinet Lock (Pack of 12)

U-Shaped, adjustable Cabinet Lock (Pack of 12)

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  • Safety Features

    Prevents baby fingers from getting caught in to drawers/ doors

    Prevents baby from being exposed to harmful things like medicines, sharp tools kept in drawers/ cabinets

    Prevents baby from emptying the contents of drawers/cabinets

  • Net Content

    Set of 12 Lock(s) with relevant tapes

  • Key Features

    1. Very high quality polymer used for a sturdy design

    2. Comes with a secret locking mechanism. Locking mechanism designed such that kids find it difficult to operate but adults have no hassles.

    3. Totally adjustable so can fit any set of door handles irrespective of the gap

    4. Elegant design and color which blend with any decor at your home

    5. No installation needed, no tools required (no screws and no drilling)

    6. Completely Reusable

    7. Strong and Durable Locking Mechanism that DOES NOT BREAK OR FAIL. Tested for at least thousands of open and close

  • How To Use

    This product does not require any installation, however, for instruction on how to operate, you may refer to pic 1a

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