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Safe-O-Mama Checklist

You can breathe a sigh of relief as we bring you a ‘Saviour’ checklist, the one that will help you remember all that ever matters!

Your Checklist Says: “My Little Baby Stays Happy and Safe, All Through the House”

My: Monitoring and Surveillance for the home and travel

Little: Latch all doors, cabinets and windows

Baby: Bottles, Bites and Buckle Up for a trip in the town

Stays: Socket Plugs and Safety Rails

Happy: Hand-wash is a habit to adopt

Safe: Sides and Corners baby-proofed

All: Anti-Locking devices for doors

Through: Travel free with car safety seats and belts

House: Hygiene and Health with Brushes, sprays and repellents

Memorise this simple phrase and never worry about forgetting anything again because when it is about your baby, you need to always be alert!