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The motivation and the aim of the entire Safe-O-Kid establishment is to ensure that children around the globe remain secure, no matter where they are. While we leave no stone unturned in driving innovation in the right direction, we also do out bit to proactively safeguard spaces that are most likely to be full of children.

The team of Safe-O-Kid has carried out successful security drives for schools, day cares and pediatricians to help them develop secure spaces for children that visit these places.

We believe that creating ‘Baby proofing Premises’ with the use of Safe-O-Kid products will take a step closer to achieving our goal of keeping children safe from about 90% of recorded accidents that are completely avoidable.

The happiness of your child brings a smile to your face and that is what we have set out to do.

We have your back so that your child can grow in a secure and happy environment!