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How Safe-o-Kid is revolutionizing the world of Baby Safety 0

How Safe-o-Kid is revolutionizing the world of Baby Safety

Children are curious creatures and there is a hidden desire to explore the unknown world. Children do not understand dangers or threats and thus, child-safety is the responsibility of the parents. Most of the parents...

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Child-Proofing Must-Haves for Parents

Child-Proofing or baby safety is something that always tops the priority of parents. With the rapid industrialization and cut-throat competition parents either are neglecting the need of their parents or are turning on to...

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Why and How to Avoid Malaria in Babies

Why and how to avoid malaria in babies?. As parents you must have wondered about this and if not it is time to pay attention to this deadly disease because it could be problematic...

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How to Baby-proof your Home from Top to Bottom

It’s very easy for babies to get into trouble and turn-on the panic button of parents with each of their activities and behavior. No matter whether they are crawling, walking, trying to climb or...

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