Safe Mosquito Repellent Patches for Babies in India

Safe Mosquito Repellent Patches for Babies in India: A single mosquito bite can kill your children especially when you are living in a country like India where every year many young and adults are dying due to dengue fever which has been caused by the mosquito bites. That’s why for the parents it is important that they use mosquito repellents for babies. The adult can tell you when they have been bitten by the mosquitoes but not the kids.

Safe Mosquito Repellent Patches

There are several ways to protect your babies from the mosquito bites but all of them are not natural mosquito repellents. The un-natural mosquito repellents come up with the number of short-term and long-term side effects. So, it is better to choose only naturally safe mosquito repellent patches for babies who are free from chemicals and other toxins.

There are four mosquito repellents which have been considered a natural repellent this includes patches (stickers), bands (wristwatch bands), spray and roller (roll-on). Let’s learn that how do these four mosquito repellents for babies in India are different from each other and which one you should choose for your babies to protect them from mosquitoes.

Safe Mosquito Repellent Patches:

Patches are mosquito repellents and the concept is new to India. They are also known as stickers which can be placed on the shirt of the babies to protect them from the mosquitoes. They are made from all the natural oils like lavender, rosemary, citronella, mint and clove oil etc. They are 100% free from picaridin, DEET, and alcohol that gives multiplied effectiveness and safe to use even for the newborn babies.

Safe Mosquito Repellent Bands:

Bands are also known as wristwatch bands and slap bands. The name of these mosquito repellents must already give you an idea that how do they look like. They are made from the natural pleasant scents and zero percent of any chemical which can give a side effect to your babies. The bands last more than 120 hours and thus babies can wear them while sleeping or travelling with their parents.

Safe Mosquito Repellent Spray:

The mosquitoes repellents natural spray are totally different from the sprays available in the market or the ads you see on the Indian TV channels. They are made from the natural ingredients and smell very nice. The natural spray does not have any kind of chemicals including alcohol and picaridin etc. These sprays are 100% safe to use and specifically made for the babies to protect them from mosquitoes.

Safe Mosquito Repellent Roller / Roll-On:

The roller or Roll-on has been confused with the spray but they are both different things but work in the same way to protect babies from the mosquitoes. They come up with a pleasant fragrance, free from chemicals and not required to apply on the skin. The roller is also 100% natural composition DEET free which means no side effects and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

These all types of repellents can be bought online from Safe-O-Mos  (Powered by Baby Safety Incin India at the reasonable prices. They have been recommended by the doctors as they are safe to use and made from the natural ingredients where there have been no harmful chemicals, DEET, alcohol, and Picaridin has been used in them.

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