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Top 5 Newborn Baby Essentials Every Mom Needs for Baby

While you are excited to welcome your baby home, you must be confused about, “What items do my baby needs for proper care and comfort?” Newborn babies need so many items that every mom...

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Why Child-Proof Locks Are Important?

The well-being and safety of the child are the main priority of any parent. Babies are a godsend to us, nevertheless, they lack the skills to defend themselves in dangerous situations. This implies that...

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Securely Locked to Keep Your Munchkin Safe!

Your sweet, cute and innocent infant has started to grow up! Their tiny little pudgy hands are now able to clasp onto your fingers tightly. Crawling, walking and now they’re running, keeping up with...

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Boo-boo-free Odyssey of Discovery for Children

Has it ever happened to you, when you’ve caught your child putting their hands where he/she is not supposed to? Possibly in a drawer, cabinet, socket, or a window perhaps? Come on! Don’t lie!...

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Using A Sliding Door Stopper For Baby Safety

While the scientists of the world are in a rush to find the best vaccine for Corona, the busiest researchers on Earth are still parents of toddlers that want to find ways for baby...

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