Best Mosquito Repellent Patch for Kids

Mosquito Repellent Patch for Kids: The prevalence of malaria in India has caused professionals at Baby Safety Inc to develop Safe-O-Kid/Safe-O-Mos mosquito repellents products for kids. These repellents do not kill mosquitoes; rather they prevent mosquitoes from biting the young ones. The period during which the mosquitoes will not bite would depend on the type of chemical used in the repellent and other reasons such as body types, humidity, etc.

Mosquito Repellent Patches for Kids

Some mosquito repellent products include:

  • Patches (also known as Stickers):

Safeokid Patches

These are trans-dermal patches that can be applied to the skin. Trans-dermal patches have been in use for many years because they permit less amount of the required substance to enter the body.

The effective ingredient is vitamin B1. It is not only less harmful but also good for babies. It has previously been taken in the form of pills to eliminate mosquitoes. The drawback with taking it this way is that a great deal of it is lost because it takes some time to digest through the body system.

With Mosquito Repellent Patch your baby will be protected for up to 36 hours. It will increase the quantity of vitamin B1 on the skin and make them more effective.

  • Bands (also known as Slap Bands, Wristwatch bands)

Safeokid Wristband

Mosquito Repellent bands are designed with mosquito repellent ingredients inside them. Repellents prevent mosquitoes from landing or going close to surfaces where they are applied. By just wearing a band, you will effectively drive mosquitoes away from going close to your baby or even climbing on them.

They can be worn on the ankle or wrist. They can be clipped to baby strollers, the seat belt of a car, or on bikes. The mosquito repellent bands can help in chasing away mosquitoes and by extension the deadly malaria which they transmit.

  • Spray & Rollers

Safeokid Spray

You can make good use of any quality repellant spray and rollers. They have been found to provide protection to babies from mosquitoes. The sprays can either be professional mosquito spray or a plain mosquito spray.

A professional spray system is modernized. This kind of spray system will protect your entire home from mosquitoes. It utilizes an effective procedure to make the area within and around your home free from mosquitoes.

A regular mosquito spray is cheaper and is widely available in hardware stores and supermarkets. These sprays are normally used by homeowners. The insecticides can be applied in specified areas such as the kitchen, room, surrounding areas in the home.

The major difference between a standard spray and professional mosquito spray is in the area which they cover. A standard mosquito spray has the efficiency or ability to protect only a portion of your home. They only work when you do the spraying. Professional spray system, on the other hand, can guarantee the safety of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Safe-O-Mos range of Mosquito Repellent Patch and Bands is the safest way to protect little ones from mosquito bites both inside and outside the house. The products are specially designed for kids and have been tested by international experts for lasting effectiveness and zero side effects. Our Safe O Mos products are Safe Naturals (No Harmful Chemicals, No DEET, No Alcohol, No Picardin)

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